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Anna Vacha

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We are starting a series of blog posts to talk about the user facing components of our flagship video analytics intuVision VA to unpack the extensive functionality available within each component. We hope to showcase how these powerful features can work for you in providing best-of-breed video analytics solutions and meeting the most complex project requirements.

In a nutshell, intuVision VA analyzes video in real-time, reliably detects objects and activities, generates reports and heatmaps, and sends notifications upon occurrence of user specified events.

While the "brain" of intuVision VA - the services that process, analyze and understand the contents of live or recorded video streams run in the background, there are three user-facing system components to configure intuVision VA (intuVision Admin), review and report events (intuVision Review), and monitor the system performance and health (System Monitor).

These components are separated by design, ensuring that each user has access to only the tools that they need. This set-up allows reserving access to the intuVision Admin to network administrators or those trained to configure intuVision VA, day-to-day operation staff can access events and reports through the intuVision Review.

Setting up an event in the admin app

intuVision Admin Application - is for adding video streams to be analyzed, configuring events and alarms, as well as more advanced features such as training classification models, sending output triggers, managing user privileges. intuVision Admin functionality includes:

  • Add VMSs, live cameras or video files
  • Adjust detection/tracking settings
  • Train object classification
  • Configure events and alarms
  • Set up input/output triggers
Live video in the Review Application

intuVision Review Application - is for reviewing video and analysis results within the intuVision system, from seeing live events and video, generating reports and heatmaps, even auditing user behavior within the system. Review Application functionality includes:

  • View alarms, live and archived video
  • Review and query events
  • Search for objects
  • Generate reports and heatmaps
  • Audit user behavior
Setup for the Remote Monitor

System Monitor - is for ensuring the intuVision system is operating properly, and can even monitor that the host hardware is running without problem. Basic functionality includes:

  • Monitor system to ensure performance
  • Ensure network connectivity
  • Alert if intuVision VA computer stops running
  • Send email notification upon the above behaviors

We will provide more detail for each of these components in upcoming posts. In the next intuBlog post we will delve into the Review Application in more detail, including an in depth breakdown of its features and functionality.

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