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Video analytics – on the server or at the edge
for live or recorded video

intuVision VA - Real-time Video Analytics

Award-winning, enterprise grade, server-side, Video Analytics in easy-to-use solution packages! intuVision VA is also available for faster-than-realtime analyses of recorded video.

intuVision VA meets all your video analytics project requirements with the most comprehensive set of event rules for, Traffic, Parking, Security, Retail, Face and Text Detection applications; and fits every workflow with its VMS integrations. Learning scenes and object types with patented algorithms, for flexible deployments indoors and out.

GPU acceleration ensures the lowest hardware cost per channel for affordable deployments with intuVision VA.

Security Video Analytics

Secure buildings, premises, campuses, and infrastructure with intuVision's flagship Security analytics. Protect assets, people and facilities with top-of-the-line video detection algorithms for a wide range of scenes and situations. Deploy optimized solutions with flexible event rules to suit every scenario.

intuVision VA Security Example Videos

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Retail Video Analytics

Generate actionable intelligence for business operations with intuVision Retail. Improve customer experience, manage wait times, collect customer traffic data, design and test store layouts, generate heat-maps, and schedule employees, all while preventing loss and increasing security.

intuVision VA Retail Example Videos

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Traffic Video Analytics

Analyze traffic data in less time and at lower-cost with intuVision Traffic. Count and classify cars and other vehicles by type, measure speeds and flow rates all without expensive hardware deployments or tedious manual counting, detect idle vehicles and pedestrians on the roadsides and more.

intuVision VA Traffic Example Videos

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Parking Video Analytics

Manage and protect parking areas with intuVision Parking. Ideal for a wide range of deployments from SmartCity to private parking facilities, intuVision Parking provides at-a-glance confirmation of free parking spots as well as detecing events to ensure parking lot security and safety.

intuVision VA Parking Example Videos

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Face Detection and Matching

Detect and match faces in your camera views with intuVision Face. With face enrollment and matching, catalogued faces can be labeled with the appropriate names, and event notifications can be generated when an enrolled person enters the scene.

intuVision VA Face Detection and Matching Example Videos

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intuVision Text

Extending the reach and functionality of our video analytics solutions, intuVision VA now automatically detects text on moving objects such as the brands on trucks, ships, or words and numbers on signage and converts all alphanumeric characters into metadata linked to events.

intuVision Text Example Videos

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intuVision Custom Analytics

While intuVision VA meets the widest range of use scenarios, intuVision can develop custom video analytics solutions for any project however unique they might be.

With a full in-house development team, we are well positioned to customize our solutions to meet your project requirements. From counting fish in river inlets, tracking specialized equipment onboard large vessels, even monitoring environmental conditions, we have the building blocks to quickly respond and make your video analytics project come to life.

intuVision Custom Video Analytics Solutions

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intuVision OEM

intuVision video analytics can be made a seamless part of your solution - using intuVision VA Web API, white labeling intuVision VA under your brand, or using the intuVision SDK.

intuVision Web API

Access all intuVision VA event detections, rich metadata, heatmaps, and more, using intuVision API through third-party systems. Available for all intuVision VA modules, intuVision Web API enables leveraging intuVision VA's rich functionality, including VMS integrations, administrative functions for easy camera & event setup, object classification training, etc., while still displaying intuVision VA generated video analytics results within your own dashboards.

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Whitelabel intuVision VA

intuVision VA is available for quick turn-around white labeling under your brand. We do all the work, branding our video analytics with your chosen product name and logo, and you get the full-fledged, ready to go solution that you can market and sell to your customers. Quick turn-around development shortens time to market for proven intuVision video analytics with your own brand.

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intuVision SDK

Reduce development time and effort, and achieve world-class video analytics with intuVision's comprehensive video analytics SDK. intuVision SDK, available for Windows and Linux platforms, is the most powerful real-time video analytics tool kit. Get access to all the event rules of intuVision VA; plus object, scene, and event metadata to create custom events for any requirement.

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intuVision VA - Live or Post-Processing

All intuVision VA processing can be done on real-time, streaming video, or on recorded or archived video.

intuVision VA in Real-Time

All intuVision VA modules and events are available for analyzing live video directly from camera streams or video management systems (VMS).

For applications that require actionable information in real-time – such as detecting security and safety threats around a campus, idle vehicles on the side of a highway, monitoring queue sizes at store check-out registers, or determining parking lot occupancy, real-time video analysis, leading to immediate alerts and notifications is critical.

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intuVision VA Post-Processing

intuVision VA’s post-processing allows for processing of recorded video up to 30 times faster than real-time, limited with the speed of your computer. Post-processing is perfect for short and long-term traffic studies, A/B testing in retail environments, data analysis from video collected in remote locations. Events detected on recorded video are tagged according to the time of video recording, to facilitate searching through recorded video for incidents and violations.

intuVision Edge Analytics

Run real-time analytics fully on board the camera - no other hardware needed! Our patented algorithms work great on the edge with many event rules optimized for compatible cameras.

intuVision Edge People Counter

Count customers or pedestrians with intuVision Edge People Counter. With full edge based event management capabilities, your customer count information is saved directly on-board your camera allowing you to view and export graphs containing person counts. Person classification and event specific settings provide high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking, and specially designed people counting event give optimal results.

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intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter

Manage traffic counts with intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter. Optimized to work in ingress/egress points from parking lots as well as medium or light traffic roadways, Vehicle Counter collects and saves counts directly on-board your camera, allowing you to view and export graphs containing vehicle count information. Specially designed vehicle counting event with event specific settings provides high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking for optimal results.

intuVision Edge Vehicle Counting Example Video

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intuVision Edge

intuVision Edge offers smart, reliable video analytics, optimized for the edge. Events include: Activity, Enter/Exit, Left-Object, Object-Taken, Speeding-Object, Wrong-Way, and Zone-Intrusion. Person classification and event specific settings provide high levels of specificity, paired with advanced object detection and tracking for optimal results. Three license levels allow you to purchase precisely what is required for your project.

intuVision Edge Example Videos

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intuVision Edge Management

Manage events from all of your intuVision Edge Cameras in one location. Allows long term event storage, higher complexity compound events, and full reporting and graphing capabilities. Send weekly or daily email reports, compare or combine events from intuVision VA server side and intuVision VA Edge into one system.

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intuVision Platforms

intuVision Edge is currently available on a number of camera platforms, including: Axis, Cisco, Dahua, Hanwha, and Vivotek, as well as custom system on chip platforms. For questions about specific camera models or bringing out edge analytics to your system on chip platform, please contact us.

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Custom Analytics for Edge

While intuVision Edge is available on most common camera platforms and covers many use cases, we are well positioned to customize our edge analytics to other platforms or to meet any needs not covered by our existing solution. From new event rules, new object classification types, compatibility with new camera models or edge devices, or methods of accessing the intuVision Edge analytics results, contact us to discuss your project.

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What Our Users Say

intuVision's Global Customers

At intuVision, we pride ourselves on our diverse customer base, with video analytics solutions spanning face detection and matching, parking, retail, security, and traffic, we have customers around the world.

Top Ranking Video Analytics

intuVision's patented GPU enabled video analytics are at the forefront of the field – as confirmed by independent evaluations.

patented, award winning video analytics

Highest Efficiency and Accuracy

At intuVision we thrive to bring the latest technology and best products to our customers with our ongoing new research and development in the ever evolving field of video analytics.

Recent News

intuVision VA 16.0 is Here! We are excited for the opportunities V.16 will bring our users. Deployment scalability with API configuration, along with new features will position intuVision VA as the ideal video analytics system. Read our release notes on our blog.
July, 2024
Read more about how Houston, Texas, Public Works is using intuVision VA Post-Processing, with the goal to move away from third party manual counts towards doing more internal processing using intuVision VA. Read the User Story here, or read our blog post comparing real-time with post-processing.
June, 2024
In a new project, intuVision VA Parking along with intuVision Traffic is used to track times and customer experience for quick service auto shops across US. All event details are being accessed through intuVision output triggers, for display in custom 3rd Party management UIs.
June, 2024
intuVision VA Traffic and Parking modules are used by Resource Central to improve their Material Reuse Store and Donation Center to improve efficiency. Rich reports from intuVision Review Application summarize donation vehicle counts, wait times, and several other metrics for the center operations. Read More >>
May, 2024
intuVision team will join longterm partner Bi3 in Preston, UK, celebrating 15 years of innovation, with a look to the future - including future project and developments with intuVision, building upon widespread deployments in traffic, security, and parking domains.
April, 2024
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