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intuVision® SDK


intuVision SDK offers the most powerful real-time video analytics on Windows and various Linux development platforms.

intuVision SDK - Reduce development time and effort

No need to develop video analytics from scratch, our ready-made video analytics SDK can be directly integrated into your video application. Whether the project is an internal proof-of-concept with a quick turn-around, or a quick to market solution requiring video analytics, or even if you simply want to focus on your core competencies and off load the analytics portion of your project onto a trusted analytics provider.

intuVision’s intelligent video analytics take the stress of manual video analysis from security experts. Never tiring, always alert, our award winning algorithms can be embedded into your solutions, bringing your customers trusted security.

The intuVision provides a C-based SDK for both resellers and individual users. Capable of supporting quick project start-up times, as well as in depth customizations, you will find that the intuVision SDK is the perfect fit for your embedded video analytics needs. Contact us today for a free trial.

Quick startup - Perform high-level functions, such as receiving event alarms in real-time, only with very few lines of code.

In depth program manipulation - Extend or customize intuVision VA’s powerful object detection and tracking capabilities to match your own application requirements.

Fully documented example projects - Our detailed documentation and code samples from typical SDK applications makes it possible to fully utilize the SDK capabilities to implement your applications.

GPU-enabled for faster processing - Analyze your video faster by utilizing the your GPU device through intuVision SDK.

Export Metadata - Use the tracked object metadata generated by intuVision SDK algorithms to create custom events. Use event metadata to trigger 3rd-party systems.

intuVision SDK Provides:

  • Sample program source code for common cases
  • Real-time video processing from stationary or moving cameras
  • Unrestricted image/video pixel resolution
  • Robust tracking with dynamic backgrounds, variable lighting conditions and degraded image/video quality
  • Off-line or on-line video processing on input videos or lists of images
  • Simple GUI applications for ease of use and immediate evaluation

The object and event metadata can be exported from the SDK directly into your applications, enabling you to use our analytics capabilities to solve your unique challenges.

intuVision SDK, a C-based Software Development Kit is available for prototyping, demonstration and limited distribution, as well as for full integration and product distribution.

For more information about our products, email us at or complete a product evaluation form.

Purchase intuVision Video Analytics

Contact intuVision directly to purchase our analytics solutions. To find a reseller in your region, contact us at Integrators and resellers contact us at

Features of intuVision SDK

Camera Tampering
Crowd Density
Enter Exit
Idle Object
Left Object
Object Taken
Smoke Detector
Zone Intrusion

intuVision's SDK includes all capabilities of intuVision VA processing, with added flexibility. You can find the included event list below, but with access to object, scene, and video metadata, what you can detect and alarm on with intuVision SDK is unlimited.

Additionally, access to object color and classification allow you to go beyond object detection and tracking, and use intuVision analytics for much more varied functionalities. The analytics are all there, for you to make the most out of your video footage, for you and your customers.

SDK Object Metadata:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Color Histogram
  • Distance Traveled
  • Duration in Scene
  • Classification Type with Confidence
  • Object ID
  • Object State - moving, stationary, etc.

To help you with deployment and integration, intuVision SDK comes with full documentation, a built in sample test application, and built-in debugging tools. Additionally a license manager will help you manage licenses across multiple machines, giving more flexibility with your solution. Support is offered both for Windows and various Linux distributions, so you can meet your customers on your choice platform.

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