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intuVision VA - Tailgate Detection


An access-controlled gateway is only as secure as the people who are authorized to use it. intuVision VA tailgate solution detects and deters unauthorized entry through secure doors and logs potentially unsafe activity with visual verification.

Tailgate with intuVision VA


Unauthorized access to controlled areas presents a serious security threat to infrastructure and data resources. Tailgating takes place intentionally or unintentionally when more than one person enters through an access-controlled door using a single person’s credentials, or a proprietor takes advantage of a slow closing door after someone exits.

intuVision VA’s powerful algorithms detect and prevent possible tailgating before it happens. A camera viewing the secure doorway together with an access control device signaling the intuVision VA software puts an end to tailgating.

intuVision Advantage

Included in the intuVision VA Security module intuVision Tailgate Detection solution is compatible with access control systems via an i/o module and it is easy to deploy. Highly flexible output triggers from intuVision VA give you control over exactly what occurs when a tailgate is detected. From flashing lights, to alerting security staff, even locking doors upon a tailgate detecting. For cameras with audio talk down feature, intuVision tailgate detection can trigger recorded voice message warnings upon tailgating detections.

intuVision Person Tailgating Detection thumbnail
intuVision Person Tailgating Detection

Custom tailored anti-tailgating algorithms reliably detect and separate people, as tested by intuVision customers. Malicious activities such as riding on shoulders and walking in lock step are reliably detected, resulting in tailgating alarms unless there was the appropriate two card swipes. Reliable and user-trainable object classification gives customers control over which types of objects are allowed - ignoring carts and other equipment if that is desired - or alarming on them if special input is required to bring carts through the doorway.

Deployment Recommendations

diagram of ideal intuVision tailgating deployment.

intuVision VA Tailgate Detection solution is ready to deploy with all ONVIF compliant cameras and major VMSs. Compatible inputs include any access control system that can send HTTP triggers or an i/o module can be used for integrated operation with the access control system. Typical minimum deployment of intuVision VA Tailgate Detection includes: camera and input from access control system on card swipe.

The camera needs to have an unobstructed view of the people entering through the door; ceiling mounted cameras (recommended at minimum height: 10ft) looking down to the Entry/Exit area. Recommendation is camera mounted away from door swing, however intuVision classification can offer reliable results despite camera placement.

intuVision VA Tailgating Use Case Examples

intuVision VA Tailgate Detection has been deployed at secure doors for various levels of access control enforcement; from most secure military sites, data centers and banks to museums, media creation labs as highlighted below. Please contact us for more information on these use cases and how this might apply to your tailgate detection scenario.

Data Center Server Room Security


This large insurance company’s security integrator chose intuVision analytics for tailgate detection at the doors of their server and data storage room at multiple locations throughout US. intuVision VA integrated with their anti-pass back access control system matches the in/out card swipes to people entering and exiting through the secure door. A tailgate alarm is issued if more than one person enters on a single card swipe, or a person attempts to enter the room upon an exit card swipe when someone is leaving. intuVision Tailgate Detection helps enhance the security of their server and data storage rooms.

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Tailgate and Face Detection

intuVision tailgating with Face Detection

An entertainment service agency needed a way to ensure safety of their offices even when the employees do not follow the company procedures for entering into back office areas using their access tokens. By using intuVision Tailgate Detection to determine if number of entries detected do not match the card swipes. If detected, an alarm is raised activating an audio clip with a warning message. Additionally, using the tailgate detection in combination with intuVision Face Detection they are able to capture the face snapshots of the people entering and compare those faces to employees’ faces previously enrolled in the system to ensure the security and safety of their operations.

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Tailgate Prevention with “Virtual Mantrap” (Airlock)

virtual mantrap diagram

intuVision implemented a fully functional virtual mantrap for a secure room in an agency without the physical constraints of an actual mantrap. Access control devices on both sides of the door were used for validating the people entering and exiting and the physical sections of the mantrap were simulated by virtual zones to implement “one person at a time” entry or exit. Inner and outer security zones on each side of the door and a guard zone on the outer side were defined by LED lights triggered by the video analytics upon detection of a second person in proximity of the door when one person is granted access for entry or exit. If a possible tailgate condition occurs then a contact closure locks the door preventing the tailgate.

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