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intuVision VA - Car Tailgate Detection


A vehicle gate ensures controlled access to an area, but the open-close time makes the site vulnerable to possible car tailgating behaviors. intuVision VA car tailgate solution detects and deters unauthorized entry through secure gates and logs potentially unsafe activity with visual verification.

Car Tailgate Detection with intuVision VA

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intuVision Vehicle Tailgating Detection

Unauthorized access to controlled areas presents a serious security threat to infrastructure and data resources, lost revenue for parking garages or lots, or incorrect data from vehicle weigh stations. Vehicle tailgating takes place intentionally or unintentionally when more than one vehicle enters through an access-controlled gate or roadway, either with only one card swipe, or within very a short time period.

This can represent a significant loss of revenue for private or city-run garages, where vehicles tailgating on the way out leave without payment. As intuVision VA is flexible on the type of input trigger we can work with - it is possible to link positive payment with the number of vehicles leaving. In some instances detecting a tailgate instance can cause a second set of gates to be closed until the tailgating vehicle pays for the parking.

In general, vehicle gates are configured to remain open for a period of time to allow a vehicle to pass-through comfortably. This creates an opportunity for misuse, by allowing unauthorized drivers to tailgate after a car entering the parking lot or the garage. Whether two vehicles passing through a gate with only access code, or a truck entering a weigh station before the previous one clears, intuVision's analytics can detect and issue an alarm upon this behavior.

intuVision Car Tailgating Detection thumbnail
intuVision Vehicle Tailgating Detection

intuVision Advantage

Included in the intuVision VA Security, Parking, and Traffic modules, intuVision Tailgate Detection solution is compatible with access control systems via an i/o module and it is easy to deploy. Flexible output triggers make it possible to initiate the follow-on actions for range of application requirements.

From flashing lights, to alerting security staff, even locking building doors or activating high security procedures upon detecting a vehicle tailgating into a site. For cameras with audio talk down feature, intuVision tailgate detection can trigger recorded voice message warnings upon tailgating detections.

Custom tailored anti-tailgating algorithms reliably detect and distinguish vehicle types, as tested by intuVision customers. intuVision classification allows customizable detections for passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. Additionally, malicious activities such as vehicles driving close together or at high speeds can be reliably detected for preventing tailgating.

intuVision Vehicle Tailgate detection can be used in conjunction with our other traffic or parking lot analytics, including speed detection, or within compound events to build up higher degrees of flexibility for required alarm conditions.

Deployment Recommendations

diagram of ideal intuVision tailgating deployment.

intuVision VA Tailgate Detection solution is ready to deploy with all ONVIF compliant cameras and major VMSs. Compatible inputs include any access control system that can send HTTP triggers or an i/o module can be used for integrated operation with the access control system. Typical minimum deployment of intuVision VA Tailgate Detection includes: camera and input from access control system or operator input at a weigh station.

The camera should to have an unobstructed view of the vehicles approaching and entering through the gate; high mounted cameras (recommended at minimum height: 16ft) looking down on the driveway to the gate.

intuVision VA Vehicle Tailgating Use Case Examples

intuVision VA Tailgate Detection has been deployed at secure doors for various levels of access control enforcement; from most secure military sites, parking garages, weigh stations, and more. Please contact us for more information on these use cases and how this might apply to your tailgate detection scenario.

Vehicle Tailgating

diagram of ideal intuVision tailgating deployment.

intuVision Tailgating Detection has been successfully deployed to detect vehicle tailgating through barriers or other control points. Our flexible analytics can readily detect, classify, and separate vehicles, allowing for robust detection of tailgating instances. Tailgating can be detected if there are two vehicles and only one card swipe or gate lift indication from a booth operator, or if two vehicles pass through within too short of a period of time.

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Weight Station Tailgating

diagram of ideal intuVision tailgating deployment.

Used to ensure each vehicle passing through the weigh station pauses for the acceptable amount of time, and that the weigh station cannot be fooled into reporting incorrect data. intuVision tailgating is flexible enough to be configured both ways - either to require one input from the weigh station indicating a successful weigh-in, or (in cases when weigh station cannot send inputs to intuVision VA), to require a reasonable, user configured, duration between vehicles exiting or entering the weigh station. Tied into intuVision's occupancy and compound events, intuVision VA can even be configured to allow another truck in only after the previous truck has left.

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Parking Garage Payment Required

parking garage exit

While security risks are important, allowing vehicle tailgates from parking garages can significantly impact revenue streams for parking lots and parking garages. Using intuVision VA tailgating, you can ensure that each vehicle has paid or entered the appropriate ticket. intuVision Tailgate can also ensure that employees are not taking advantage of overrides, and provide an audit log for the number of times vehicles have been allowed through without a paid ticket.

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