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intuVision VA - Airport Solutions


intuVision's analytics offer a complete solution for all aspects of an airport: security, business intelligence, traffic, and parking.

intuVision VA Applications for Airports

intuVision VA's multi-faceted analytics provide all components of airport safety, security and management.

airport runway vehicles
Airport Security with intuVision VA

intuVision VA Security and Face Detection offer a proven solution which has been tried and tested at airports, ports, and other transportation hubs around the world.

Secure the terminal and gate areas as well as the perimeter of the airport with our robust left object, wrong way, and intrusion analytics. Detect and catalogue faces at checkpoints with intuVision VA Face for use in investigations. Protect secure doors or vehicle gates with our tailgating detection system for people or for vehicles. Search people and vehicle tracks by color, behavior, and time periods.

Airport Store Capture Rate thumbnail
Airport Store Capture Rate
Airport Retail with intuVision VA

intuVision Retail can provide metrics on passenger experience and behavior - for improved check-in, security lines, and airport shops. Gather business metrics with analytics spanning various aspects of the customer experience, from queue management at the ticket counters, to people counting, to dwell times and capture rates at the retail shops. Generate foot traffic heatmaps to see at a glance popular paths.

Airport Parking with intuVision VA

Monitor occupancy levels at airport parking lots and garages, direct vehicles into long and short term parking, alarm for vehicles parked over-long in cell-phone or pickup lots. intuVision Parking can also monitor trucks in cargo areas, loading and unloading zones.

Airport Traffic with intuVision VA

Watch curb-side pick-up and drop-off, including average waiting time at the curb, types of vehicles and counts per day, time of day etc. intuVision VA Traffic can issue alarms on backed-up traffic, monitor speeds and collect average speed data.

intuVision Advantage

intuVision’s cross-platform system is available in Windows and Linux as well as embedded in camera edge to meet every deployment constraint. Additionally, intuVision analytics can be added to existing video surveillance systems, without the need for replacing expensive camera and VMS infrastructure.

The comprehensive features in intuVision VA application modules (Security, Traffic, Retail, Parking and Face Detection) generate detailed people and vehicle traffic and flow metrics; detect security threats and incidents; and monitor parking areas from a range of camera locations to enable making the most of your existing camera infrastructure. Our flexible licensing facilitates using system options and features that best meet any design configuration, letting you pay for exactly what you need on each camera while allowing use of one camera with multiple analytics for purposes.

intuVision’s patented algorithms extract object information and use the knowledge of people and vehicle behavior in the scene to detect many different event types, while processing the video just once. intuVision VA’s compound events enable formulating custom event rules using our extensive event list and logic constructs.

Our object classification algorithm learns directly from the scene and users can train any classification type needed - from people, groups, baggage carts, luggage, animals, to vehicles and airplanes. These capabilities make our off-the-shelf products provide a flexible and reliable solution for any requirement.

Deployment Recommendations

intuVision VA solutions are ready to deploy with all ONVIF compliant cameras and major VMSs. The only requirement, along with our award-winning software, is a camera with an unobstructed view of the people, vehicles and other objects of interest.

For indoors passenger behavior analysis, we suggest ceiling mounted cameras (recommended minimum height: 12-14 ft). For outdoors traffic and parking analysis, high mounted cameras with a nearly top-down and direct view of vehicle traffic or parking spots will provide the highest accuracy in counts. Accuracy of counts or parking availability detections will decrease with lower mounted cameras where vehicles closer to the camera blocking the ones further away, but can still provide useful data in general traffic trends.

ideal airport views

Over 90% accuracy, very good camera view. Nearly top down, good vehicle separation with minimal occlusions.

Over 90% accuracy, excellent camera view. Directly top down, good ability to detect people.

ideal airport views

About 80% accuracy, good camera view, some occlusions to detect people individually due to the lower look angle.

About 80% accuracy, good camera view, occlusions from the trees prevent detecting parking spot status.

intuVision VA Airport Use Case Examples

intuVision VA Airport Solutions have been deployed at airports around the world for various solutions as highlighted below. Please contact us for more information on these use cases and how this might apply to your project requirements.

Unattended Luggage Detection

left object airport detection

intuVision Left Object analytics were developed with the focused application of detecting unattended luggage to ensure security and safety at the airports and other transportation hubs. Used world-wide with great success, intuVision analytics fit smoothly into this customers’ existing camera and VMS system, analyzing their video camera feeds for suspicious unattended luggage, and sending notifications to security staff via VMS, such as exacqVision or Milestone.

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Wrong Way Detection with Edge Analytics


Using intuVision Edge direction violation analytics on Axis cameras, our integrator was able to deploy a solution in their customer's mid-size airport to reliably detect passengers going the wrong direction through the air-side terminal exit doors. Tied into an audio alert, the camera plays voice a message "out-going traffic only, please do not reverse direction", as a first level alert, as well as notifying security staff of the incident.

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Queue Management for Check-in

airport queue solution

Using intuVision Retail, an airline at a large airport in Singapore is able to monitor queue lengths in the passenger check-in areas, issuing notifications when a queue gets too long and collecting data on general queue length durations based on flight schedules. Using the ability to export intuVision event counts as CSV files gave the customer a flexible tool for data analysis.

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Airport Store Capture Rate

Airport Store Capture Rate thumbnail
Airport Store Capture Rate

An airport terminal store uses intuVision Analytics to collect data on passer-by passenger behavior, capture rates, busy times, and customer dwell times. This data allows the store to A/B test promotions and signage, plan employee schedules, determine impact of flight schedules on store performance, etc. Because of flexible intuVision camera positioning, reliable counts are obtained despite the lack of traditional door entrance to the store.

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Drop-off/Pick-up Area Vehicle Study

airport traffic

intuVision Traffic analytics were utilized by a major airport in the United States to analyze and collect data on vehicle behavior at drop-off/pick-up and loading zones. Among the required metrics were vehicle counts and classification, durations each vehicle stopped at the curbside, and number of passengers exiting/entering the vehicle. Building infrastructure and bridges allowed ideal camera placement – generating accurate results.

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Random Selector - Person & Vehicle

person random selector airport

intuVision Random Selector is utilized to detect, count, and select a random sample of people or vehicles for inspection both indoors, outdoors, with people, vehicles, etc. Ideal for use in ensuring random checks are performed without bias, users can adjust the alarm percentage, increasing for red threat times and decreasing during orange/yellow threat levels. Random selection analytic can be tied to different events or classification types as needed, providing a truly unbiased selection.

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Short Term Parking Lot Study

short term parking lot airport

intuVision Parking analytics are applicable for the various parking areas associated with airports, including short term "cell-phone" lots. These lots allow 30-minute parking for friends and family to wait for passengers to disembark from flights, or in instances where flights are unexpectedly delayed. intuVision parking spot analytics can alert when a specific vehicle has been parked over-long, and can collect statistical data regarding usage times of the lots and garages. Other analytics included within the module can alert when vehicles are parked in handicap spots or in EV charging bays or stopped in a way to block the traffic.

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