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Whether you already have a VMS or are choosing one, intuVision VA’s Video Management System integrations guarantee compatibility with all cameras in the VMS for ingesting video and make it possible to tag stored video, activate audio alarms, and send contact closure signals upon video analytics events.

AXIS Camera Station

intuVision VA integration with the AXIS Camera Station builds upon our long-standing work with AXIS cameras and intuVision edge analytics for ACAP. Integration includes sending various output triggers for event review in the AXIS Camera Station and post-processing archived video from the AXIS Camera Station.

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intuVision integration with exacqVision is simple and intuitive, and has been used in most of our deployed sites. With features such as using output triggers from intuVision VA to exacqVision upon event occurrence, storage requirements can be cut down significantly by saving only video segments of interest. Generic soft triggers are also available, with flexibility of all exacqVision event trigger options.

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intuVision VA features a close integration with Milestone, including sending back various output triggers for event review in Milestone VMS, including object bounding boxes, camera PTZ, etc.

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Immix Cloud

intuVision VA integration with Immix Cloud allows Immix to work as a bridge between intuVision and various integrated Video Management Systems. Upon event occurence, intuVision VA can send video clips to Immix Cloud.

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Hikvision & HikCentral

intuVision VA features a close integration with Hikvision and HikCentral, viewing recorded video and markup within intuVision Review Application.

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Coming Soon!

We continue working to expand our integration base. Check back often for updates to see if intuVision VA is integrated with your favorite 3rd party integration!

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