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Integrated VMS - Milestone


intuVision VA features a close integration with Milestone, including ingesting video directly from the VMS and sending back various output triggers for event review in Milestone, including object bounding boxes, camera PTZ, etc.

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intrusion detection event in Axis Camera Station

intuVision® & Milestone Integration

intuVision integration with Milestone is simple and intuitive, guaranteeing compatibility with all of your cameras in the system, and bypassing the need to tax cameras for multiple video streams. Using output triggers from intuVision VA to Milestone upon event occurrence, you can cut down on storage requirements by saving only video portions of interest. Generic soft triggers can also be sent, giving you the flexibility of all Milestone event trigger options.

intuVision event metadata can be sent to Milestone, allowing you to not only review events within Milestone, but also see bounding box details of the alerting object - reducing manual review and response times.

Milestone integration features:

  • Direct video feed from XProtect system ensures intuVision VA compatibility with all of your cameras, and speeds up the set-up process.
  • Archive linking between XProtect recordings and intuVision VA supports review versatility.
  • PTZ of cameras directly through intuVision VA to better investigate events and find optimal views. Pause video analytics during PTZ.
  • Event triggered PTZ actions to pre-set locations allows closer inspection of detected events.
  • Milestone archive linking with intuVision VA events allows you to use our robust client application to search and view your video databases, complete with event mark-up, bounding boxes, etc.
  • Full post-processing integration with Milestone archived video means you can process pre-recorded video from Milestone with a click of a button.
  • View bounding boxes from intuVision video analytics relevant to intruders and other events directly in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. Be instantly alerted to intruders, speeding vehicles, or stolen objects.

See how the two solutions work together in the short demo video below:

intuVision VA features integration with XProtect Corporate, Enterprise, and Professional. This wide range of products is quick and easy to set up and helps you manage VMS capabilities to support a variety of installation needs.

intuVision and Milestone System Diagram
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