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intuVision VA - Parking Occupancy


intuVision VA’s Parking occupancy solution combines performance with ease of use, flexibility and minimal setup requirements for both spot-by-spot and entry/exit count occupancy monitoring.

Parking Occupancy Monitoring with intuVision VA


intuVision VA Parking monitor has two options: spot availability based and entry/exit counting based occupancy. These options can be used separately or together, depending on the parking facility and the camera views.

Spot-by-Spot monitoring watches each parking spot individually, and determines its status with highest accuracy in real-time. For spot based monitoring, cameras must be placed such that each parking spot is visible. In this option each vehicle is tracked, reporting both total occupancy of the lot, as well as providing optional notifications when vehicles park in certain spots or remain parked longer than a specified duration.

Entry/Exit counting monitors the occupancy of a parking garage or lot, by counting vehicle entrances and exits. This solution requires cameras placed at entrances and exits, and tracks the total number of vehicles in the garage, or a particular floor, and outputs the calculated overall occupancy. Alarms can be sent when the area reaches a specified percentage of its capacity.

Combination occupancy monitoring is used for some parking facilities, employing both methods – for example, to monitor a number of reserved or designated parking spots (handicap spots, Electric Vehicle charging bays etc.,) in a garage where enter/exit counting is used.

Spot-based parking occupancy thumbnail
Spot-Based Example: day long test of 34 parking spots - 96% accuracy.

intuVision Advantage

Physical solutions such as in-ground sensors typically require early planning either as the garage or road is built or require costly construction to add after the fact, resulting down time for the parking facility. Parking occupancy monitoring by video analytics reduces the cost of parking projects significantly, even when added after the construction phase.

Unlike other video analytics solutions, intuVision VA Parking is easy to set-up, yet allows full control of the processing with detailed settings for highly accurate results as well as customizable alerts. Comprehensive output triggers and web API make it easy to bring occupancy counts and alerts to digital signage or other third party applications.

Nighttime Processing

By detecting headlights and taillights, intuVision vehicle counting maintains accurate results at night, despite possible glare from headlights or low lighting conditions. Flexible processing settings allow for daytime counts with standard intuVision detection and tracking, and nighttime counts with vehicle (headlight/taillight) detection mode.

Deployment Recommendations

intuVision VA Occupancy Solution is ready to deploy with all ONVIF compliant cameras and major VMSs.

Spot-based Occupancy

For spot-based analytics, cameras must be positioned to see either the front or back of vehicles, with minimal obstructions between vehicles. Low camera angles will result in fewer vehicles monitored per camera, as vehicles closer to the camera will block those further away. Use of fisheye or 360° cameras are not recommend for spot-based parking monitoring. If available, camera placement such as the above video example is ideal.

Parking Occupancy suggested camera views

Perfect view for spot-based occupancy. Able to monitor first 4 rows (34 spots), with 96% accuracy.

Due to overlap between vehicles and the low angle of the camera, this camera view is not recommended,(anticipated accuracy: 70-80%).

Parking Occupancy suggested camera views

Good camera view for street-side parking from a 2nd story window. Highest accuracy for six rightmost spots, lower accuracy for spots to the left of the sign.

Good camera view for parking garage spot-based analytics, high accuracy on visible parking spots.

Count-Based Occupancy

For count-based occupancy, cameras must be positioned at all entrances and exits of the parking lot or garage. If separate counts are required for each floor, cameras will be needed at entrance and exit ramps between each floor. High mounted cameras with close to a top-down direct view of the traffic will provide the highest accuracy.

Parking Occupancy suggested camera views

Ideal view for count-based occupancy in a garage. For highest accuracy, cameras positioned such that the taillights are visible as vehicles enter or exit.

Ideal view for count-based occupancy in a parking lot. High camera placement leads to accurate results.

Poor view for enter/exit vehicle counting, (anticipated accuracy: 80%).

intuVision VA Parking Occupancy Sample Deployments

intuVision VA Parking Occupancy is being used around the world for municipalities and private companies as highlighted below. Please contact us for more information on these use cases and how it might apply to your parking lot or garage scenario.

Short-Term Parking - Office Parking Lot Use Case

Spot-based parking occupancy thumbnail

A large office building parking lot with areas sectioned of for short-term parking uses intuVision VA to monitor and enforce park duration limits. Three parking zones - short-term 30 minute parking, three hour visitor parking, and remainder is unmonitored employee parking. While each parking lot section is labeled with allowed time limits, visitors and employees regularly misuse short-term parking. Building management was receiving complaints of parents not finding parking spots while dropping off/picking up their children, and patrons having to carry packages large distances due to short term parking spots being occupied.

intuVision VA Parking was already in place for general parking spot monitoring, but was repurposed to generate alerts for vehicles parked too long in the dedicated parking areas - 30 minutes for the first row - 3 hours for the second and third rows- with the rest of the parking lot remaining flexible for employee parking.

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Downtown Mid-Size Municipality Parking Garages

Fourth Avenue Parking Garage

Multiple parking garages servicing the downtown needs of a mid-sized municipality. Free parking resulted in vehicles circling the parking garage, causing traffic blockages and complaints. Working with partner, Presidio, a solution comprising of intuVision counting-based analytics in conjunction with some spot-based analytics was deployed. Interfacing with intuVision's Web API, counts for each floor are displayed at the entrance, providing automatic guidance to visitors. Following an extended test period comparing manual and intuVision automated counts, consistent accuracy in the mid 90% was calculated.

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Spot-based Occupancy Monitoring for Office Building Parking Lot

Spot-based occupancy

During a live testing of intuVision VA system performance in a commercial building parking lot, spots that become available were accurately detected and reported in a timely fashion. Knowing where the available spots are cuts down the time spent by the employees leading to increased efficiency as well as reduced traffic in the parking lot. In addition intuVision Parking module was set to detect violations and alarm when vehicles stop in no parking or fire zones. In this use case, cameras viewing the parking lot were mounted on the building approximately at 35ft. height looking down on the sections of the lot covering 25-35 parking spots.

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