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intuVision VA - Vehicle Counting


intuVision VA’s vehicle counter offers an alternative to counting vehicles manually or with tube loops – with the benefits of both methods facilitating visual classification and accurate counts.

Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification thumbnail
Highway Example: Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification

Car & Vehicle Counting with intuVision VA

intuVision VA’s patented algorithms detect and count vehicles with high accuracy in different environments, from highways to city streets and intersections. Our traffic analytics provide data many options for segmenting counts by vehicle type, lane, and facilitate generating O-D matrices to enable full analysis of the traffic flow.

intuVision VA’s classification allows the vehicle types of interest - typically we recommend 4 categories, such as: motorcycles or bikes, passenger vehicles, mid-sized vans and trucks, and large trucks/buses. These categories can be customized to specific project requirements.

intuVision Traffic Roadway Lanes feature automatically separates the counts by lane. The lane marks are added by simply choosing the number of lanes and clicking and dragging the template on the view. When used together with intuVision vehicle classification, by setting up one vehicle counting event, all counts are segmented by lane and by vehicle type.

Count results can be reported and exported in various formats as text, graph and Comma Separated Value files as well as monitored in real-time in intuVision VA’s comprehensive Review Application. intuVision Web API allows pulling the results into another application, such as a dashboard, and intuVision HTTP triggers allow sending counts of events in 15-minute intervals.

intuVision Advantage

Included in the intuVision VA Traffic module, our vehicle counting produces accurate automated vehicle counts, without needing to install intrusive physical equipment other than a camera; while also providing a variety of secondary traffic event data to enable a full traffic analysis.

Unlike other video analytics solutions, intuVision vehicle counting can work along with an array of traffic events. While counting vehicles, intuVision VA Traffic can detect congestion, speed violations, incidents, pedestrians on the road side, objects on the road, and generate traffic heatmaps, etc.

Flexible intuVision VA classification training is customizable to specifics in each camera view for highest accuracy and the trained categories can be used on similar camera views.

Comprehensive output triggers and web API make it effortless to bring counts into your front-end for additional analysis.

intuVision VA Vehicle Counting is easy to set-up, yet allows full control of the processing with detailed settings for highly accurate results.

Nighttime Processing

Nighttime Detection and Tracking of Vehicles thumbnail
Nighttime Detection and Tracking of Vehicles

By detecting headlights and taillights in nighttime views, intuVision vehicle counter maintains accurate results at night. Flexible processing settings allows for daytime counts with standard intuVision object detection and tracking, and nighttime counts in vehicle (headlight/taillight) detection mode.

Deployment Recommendations

intuVision VA Vehicle Counting solution is ready to deploy with all ONVIF compliant cameras and major VMSs. The only requirement is a camera with an unobstructed view of the traffic.

High mounted cameras with close to a top-down direct view of the traffic will provide the highest accuracy as shown in the scene on the left. Count accuracy decreases with lower mount cameras viewing the traffic at an angle, as large vehicles closer to the camera will obstruct the vehicles in farther lanes. Camera mounting height recommendation will depend on the number of lanes to be monitored; higher camera placement is required for wider roads and busier traffic.


Over 90% accuracy, excellent camera view. Directly top down, good vehicle separation.

Over 85% accuracy in near two lanes, 80% accuracy in far lanes, decent camera view.

For most accurate vehicle counting at night, intuVision VA requires centered view of vehicles driving away from/towards the camera such that both headlights or taillights are visible for each vehicle.

Vehicle Counting in Real-time or from Recorded Video

intuVision VA Traffic licensing options are flexible for working with realtime streaming or recorded video to support both permanent installations and short term/periodic traffic studies.

For recorded video intuVision VA has faster-than-realtime processing capability, which allows processing video up to 20x faster than realtime, and getting results in a fraction of the time for faster delivery to your customers.

Licensing for realtime analysis is per camera while the post analysis (for recorded video) is at an hourly rate. We are able to offer solutions customized to your projects whether you are interested in short term studies or setting up permanent smart city installation.

intuVision VA Vehicle Counting Sample Deployments

intuVision VA Vehicle Counting is being used around the world for counts on highways or intersections, Smart City deployments, traffic studies, as highlighted below. Please contact us for more information on these use cases and how our solution might apply to your vehicle counting scenario.

Emerald Isle Traffic Planning with intuVision VA


Seasonal tourist town on the North Carolina Coast required a method to manage and count traffic entering the island & traveling through key intersections throughout the year.

The town chose intuVision VA Traffic to implement a pilot system at one intersection, which was expanded to three key intersections, to gather traffic flow data for tourist areas.

Vehicle count data obtained from intuVision video analytics reflects tourist volumes which is used by the City for planning purposes and to adjust signage. Additionally, congestion detection is monitored at the intersections to alert on potential traffic blockages. Traffic data accessed is through built-in intuVision Review reporting functionality and exported to be shared across town officials.

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Smart City Vehicle Counting and Classification


Customer is using intuVision VA Vehicle Counting to generate origin-destination information for several major intersections, each differentiated by major vehicle classification types: passenger vehicles, mid-sized vans and trucks, large trucks and buses, and motorcycles.

In conjunction to intuVision VA Vehicle Counting, this customer is also using intuVision congestion detection to issue warnings when specific intersections are congested. This allows them to track congestion times and in extreme cases, alert staff to redirect traffic.

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Counting Vehicles of a Selected Type


Customer requirement was to count specific type of large trucks travelling by their facility. Since they are compensated for use of roadways paved by the company, they needed an accurate count of these vehicles in order to invoice appropriately. intuVision VA’s ability to retain snapshots of vehicles which are counted allowed for easy auditing.

Similar functionality has been used by other customers to count trucks entering or exiting a facility, or to generate an estimate of how many truck berths are available at any given time

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Short-Term Traffic Study


Traffic company needed a lower cost option for obtaining vehicle counts in-house, without sending their data out for processing. Using temporary camera placements and intuVision VA software, they are able to do processing in-house. intuVision VA support was available for help in optimizing settings, but they found they were able to perform their ownoptimiation after completing intuVision VA training.

Another option is for collected video to be sent to intuVision for remote processing. This is ideal for locations interested in only a short-term study, and not wishing to invest in a computer for intuVision VA processing.

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