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We create superior intelligent video analytics solutions and products with exceptional "real world" performance, while keeping our solutions intuitive, affordable and easily customizable for diverse video surveillance applications.

intuVision Company & Team

intuVision was founded in January 2006 to meet the unique needs of intelligence community for high performance video content extraction solutions. With extensive experience in research, development and deployment of video technologies, Dr. Guler recognized an unmet need for robust yet easily customizable video analytics for both government and commercial domains. She assembled a unique team of creative scientists and engineers who share this vision and created a new paradigm, designing video analysis algorithms to emulate the human visual cognition system, and a new generation of intelligent video was born.

Since its inception intuVision has been very successful in solving the most challenging video analytics problems and taking the advanced research concepts into working real-world systems for a wide range of applications and the sustainable business strategy earned the company a unique position in the intelligent video arena.

Funded with U.S. government R&D efforts, intuVision has deployed its flagship product (Panoptes), high performance video analytics for Security for video surveillance and investigation applications. The next generation intuVision VA video analytics product line is built upon and expanded the core Security product with application modules for Retail and banking business intelligence; for Traffic and Parking smart city analytics and Face Detection to meet every project requirement. Today intuVision VA applications have been deployed around the world in office buildings, power plants, airports, banks, shopping malls, parking lots, garages, highways, city roads and intersections.

intuVision's real-time video event detection and video forensic investigation technologies have received top ranks in government and organizational evaluations including the first place in Video Event Detection Evaluation run by National Institute of Standards NIST TRECVid08; and top ranks in PETS06, IEEE VAST09 and IEEE Change Detection 2012.

intuVision team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in computer vision complemented by strong software and system development skills to successfully create highly accurate yet efficient and intuitive products and solutions.

Founder Dr. Sadiye Guler

The founding CEO of intuVision, Dr. Guler has over 25 years of R&D and industry experience in computer vision technology and application development as well as successful transition of new technologies into operational products. She is the inventor and principal investigator for intuVision's federally funded research in Video Analysis and Content Extraction applying cognitive vision concepts to video tracking research developing novel automated video content extraction algorithms and end-to-end systems.

In honor of her accomplishments, Dr. Guler received Massachusetts High Technology Council's 2008 Women-to-Watch award for developing and commercializing new technology, growing and shaping the future of video industry. She has published several articles in relevant publications and has patents in Video Content Extraction.

Prior to founding intuVision, Guler was the directing manager and the chief scientist of the Advanced Video Technology group of Northrop Grumman Information Technology /TASC. She provided business and technical leadership for video research programs totaling over $9M and established the intelligent video technology as an emerging business area within Northrop Grumman. She has taken the knowledge and insights gained from these efforts and transitioned the technology into one of the first video analytics products on the market: AlertVideoTM which has been a deployed commercially licensed and installed on 300 camera systems in early 2000's.

Why Choose intuVision?

With strong intelligent video analytics solutions ranging from surveillance video analysis to video forensics to a software development kit that allows quick and easy development of customized video analytics that suit your needs, we are the best choice for your video analytic needs.

  • Our real-time video event detection and video forensic investigation technologies have received top ranks in government and organizational evaluations, including first place in the Video Event Detection Evaluation run by the National Institute of Standards (NIST TRECVid08).
  • We are constantly working on R&D efforts, keeping our products and technology at the leading edge of the video analytics field.
  • We work with each client to develop customized security and surveillance solutions to meet the unique needs of each deployment.
  • Our flexible software can be implemented on your existing platform, providing huge cost savings over alternative video analytics solutions.
  • Our distributed software functionality allows you to easily and gracefully expand deployments, and our integrated edge, LiTE, and prime analytics allow you to select the best for each camera all within one system.

We pride ourselves on our easy-to-use software and full documentation, but have a dedicated support team to help if any additional support is required.

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