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intuVision® Face


intuVision VA, the next-generation in video analytics, provides a face detection and matching solution to detect and track faces in real-time.

intuVision Face Detection and Matching

intuVision VA face detection is the perfect solution for detecting and cataloguing faces in your camera views. With face enrollment and matching, catalogued faces can be labeled with the appropriate names, and event notifications can be generated when an enrolled person enters the scene.

As part of our intuVision VA solution, intuVision VA face is integrated with our world-class person detection and tracking algorithms, to speed up finding faces in video scenes, and to add additional functionality. All of our other event types are available in conjunction with intuVision face, allowing you additional functionality from your cameras as well as from your VA system. Review all events in the intuVision Monitor, whether from the intuVision modules or from intuVision face.

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intuVision VA Release Notes

Below you can see a listing of the intuVision VA Release Notes, including spotlights on new features, a record of our development history, etc:

New releases are available to users within their software maintenance period. Please reach out to us to schedule your software update. If you are running an older version of intuVision VA, we are happy to help with any questions.

Versions older than 11.0 are currently not eligible for upgrades.

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