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intuVision® Text Detection

intuVision VA Text automatically detects text in video scenes and converts words, letters, and numbers into metadata - linked to intuVision VA events - and in either real-time or faster-than-real-time from video files.

intuVision Text

Track customer movements through your retail facility with retail video analytics.

Extending the reach and functionality of our video analytics solutions, intuVision VA now automatically detects text on moving objects such as the brands on trucks, ships, or words and numbers on signage and converts all alphanumeric characters into metadata linked to events. Available as a separately licensed intuVision VA module, off-the-shelf, or as part of our custom development tool kit, intuVision Text can be used standalone or combined with other intuVision VA modules to meet your project requirements.

The standalone usage combines our familiar intuVision VA object tracking and event detection with text detected on moving objects, and provides automatic metadata for the objects of interest. For example, a parking facility may want to keep a record of certain carrier trucks entering the lot, and can use intuVision Text to automatically label each vehicle entry event with the text that appears on the trucks. Video analytics events including vehicles entering and exiting the facility, or when specific unwanted behaviors such as parking/idling in restricted areas, speeding through the parking lot, or illegal dumping are suitable for use with intuVision Text.

The added benefits from intuVision Text in the examples listed above could be extended to all intuVision VA events, enabling users to create specific solutions to meet complex project requirements with the existing off-the-shelf product.

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intuVision Text Events

intuVision Text offers the unique capability of text detection and recognition with OCR in conjunction with any of our existing video analytics events across each of our application modules. You can see a brief description of each module below and can see a full list of the available events on the module pages.


Add intuVision Text to intuVision VA Parking to detect any text and numbers on vehicles entering the parking lots or garages as well as monitoring the use of reserved spots. intuVision VA Parking lets you monitor your parking lots at a glance by knowing occupancy percentage and location of available spots in real-time. Receive alerts for parking violations such as loading zones or short-term parking. Our parking solution is a robust way to know when to issue tickets to violations, direct customers to open areas of a parking lot, and monitor for safety violations such as speeding vehicles or loitering pedestrians.


Add intuVision Text to intuVision VA Retail to detect any text on store signage or on vehicles at the loading docks. intuVision VA Retail provides customer traffic information such as counts, flow patterns, queues and dwell time for business intelligence. intuVision Retail module can notify managers that there is a long queue at the check-out line, report daily customer counts, and generate heatmap data of commonly traveled paths through the store. With intuVision Retail, intelligence data can be made available to other retail applications in place, increasing all aspects of business efficiency.


Add intuVision Text to intuVision VA Security to detect any text and numbers on vehicles which exhibit suspicious behaviors or are illegally using dumpsters. With a history of government projects and deployments, our analytics were originally developed for the security domain. intuVison Security can send an alarm directly to your Video Management System, or to your smart phone as an email. With many events to choose from a thief breaking into a doorway after hours, a person entering a one way door from the incorrect direction, or a vehicle loitering outside of your building, intuVision Security will notify the security staff of event occurrence.


Add intuVision Text to intuVision VA Traffic to detect any text and numbers on vehicles, ships or roadside signage. With intuVision VA Traffic, all you need is a camera and a computer for processing; no longer is it necessary to manually count vehicles in hours of video collected at intersections. While human counting is labor intensive, pressure hose counters are often inaccurate, and magnetic loop counters are expensive and not always feasible. intuVision Traffic is a mobile solution that can be moved from location to location to perform collection and analysis. The flexibility to process in either real-time or archived footage, will guarantee the perfect solution for any project.

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