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Track customers as they move about your retail environment with intuVision VA Retail.

Using Video Analytics for Business Intelligence

Anna Vacha

As a company, of course, you have two cash flows: those coming in, sales, and those going out, through business expenses and product loss.

While video analytics were developed initially to aid with the latter: minimizing theft and enhancing security measures, many retail environments, both small and large, are implementing analytics to aid with the first, improving sales and conversions through actionable business intelligence data.

intuVision VA is uniquely positioned to fit seamlessly either into your security camera network, to piggy-back on existing infrastructure, or on custom networks directly for the analytics.

intuVision VA Retail gives a full range of data, easily displayed through our intuitive Review Application, or easily accessed through our Web API, to be combined with other business intelligence solutions.

Events include:

  • person counting and path travelled through the store,
  • heatmap of footpath through store area & locations with higher dwell times
  • dwell detection, to A/B test signage and positioning of popular or sale items
  • classification to detect number of customers with carts, etc.
  • color based event options to exclude employees

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