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intuVision® VA in Action


intuVision VA, the next-generation in video analytics, provides a robust solution for all your video analytics needs.

intuVision Video Spotlight

We feature new application examples or interesting videos from our customers here, let us know if you have a clip to share.

nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Delivery Truck Track Search
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Timed Parking
intuVision VA Meteor Detection with intuVision VA thumbnail
Meteor/Asteroid Detection
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Nighttime Speed Detection

intuVision VA

Learning scenes and objects with patented algorithms, GPU acceleration for lowest hardware cost, unmatched set of event rules, and VMS integrations allow intuVision VA to meet all intelligent video requirements.

modules introduction thumbnail
intuVision VA Modules Introduction
gpu thumbnail
Integrated VMS and NVRs
gpu thumbnail
Analyze 15x Faster than Realtime!
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Person Search by Track

Integrated Video Management Systems

intuVision VA’s Video Management System integrations make system setup easier and allow your customers and employees to review events directly within their favorite Video Management System - as well as allow for more nuanced alerts upon event detection.

milestone integration thumbnail
Milestone Certified Solution
milestone integration thumbnail
HikCentral Integration
gpu thumbnail
VMS and NVRs - Overview

Video analytics solution for every application

Out-of-the box, intuVision VA software meets your most outside-the-box project requirements; and if any customization is needed our team delivers a robust solution in no time.

intuVision VA Manufacturing Defects thumbnail
Food Processing Tray Count
intuVision VA Manufacturing Defects thumbnail
Detecting Manufacturing Defects
intuVision VA Meteor Detection with intuVision VA thumbnail
Meteor/Astroid Detection
intuVision VA Loss Prevention in Bread Factory thumbnail
Loss Prevention in Bread Factory

intuVision Edge

Our patented algorithms work great on the edge with many event rules optimized for the compatible cameras, robust analytics without the additional hardware.

intuVision Edge Vehicle Tailgating Overview thumbnail
intuVision Edge Vehicle Tailgating
intuVision Edge Analytics Overview thumbnail
intuVision Edge Overview
edge people counting video thumbnail
intuVision Edge People Counter
edge vehicle counting video thumbnail
intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter

intuVision Solutions for Social Distancing During Covid-19

intuVision analytics are here to help Stop-the-Spread of COVID-19 by monitoring compliance with preventative measures such as social distancing, capacity counts and face mask use.

wrong way detection for COVID thumbnail
Retail Wrong Way Detection
Face mask detection for COVID thumbnail
Face Mask Usage Monitoring
Occupancy calculation for COVID thumbnail
Retail Occupancy for COVID-19
crowd detection COVID thumbnail
Social Distancing Crowd Detection

intuVision Face Detection

Detect and match faces in your camera views in real-time. Catalogued detected faces, label with names and receive event notifications when an enrolled person enters the scene.

face detection with safety glases thumbnail
Face Detection w/ Safety Glasses
face matching and detection thumbnail
Face Detection & Matching
Face mask detection for COVID thumbnail
Face Mask Usage Monitoring

intuVision Text

Automatically detect text in video scenes and convert words, letters, and numbers into metadata - linked to intuVision VA events.

text detection and recognition in parking lot thumbnail
Text Detection and Recognition

intuVision Parking

Video analytics for garages and parking lots to determine space availability in real time, vehicle counts, and security – for a wide range of deployments from smart cities to private parking facilities.

nighttime speed detection thumbnail
30 Minute Parking
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Delivery Truck Track Search
short term parking thumbnail
Car Tailgating Detection
short term parking thumbnail
Short-Term Parking
outdoor count occupancy thumbnail
Outdoor Count Based Occupancy
parking spot monitoring thumbnail
Close Parking Spot Monitoring
parking spot monitoring thumbnail
Parking Spot Monitoring
roadway debris in parking lot thumbnail
Debris Detection in Roadway
parking lot speed detection thumbnail
Parking Lot Speed Detection
parking spy thumbnail
intuVision VA Parking Spy
parking area security thumbnail
Parking Area Security

intuVision Retail

Accurate, actionable business intelligence including people counts, dwell times and service rates while also providing security analytics.

airport store capture rate thumbnail
Airport Store Capture Rate
multi-exit counts and tracks thumbnail
Retail Counts, Tracks, & Heatmaps
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Person Search by Track
retail analytics overview thumbnail
Retail Analytics Overview
360 people counting thumbnail
360o Counting & Heatmaps
retail queue length thumbnail
Queue Length Monitoring
intuVision Crowd Density Detection thumbnail
Crowd Density Detection
intuVision Retail - Dwell/People thumbnail
Customer Dwell Time

intuVision Security

Our flagship product, is the premier security analytics solution with most comprehensive feature set, widely deployed and well trusted around the world.

thumbnail for intuVision random selector demo
Random Selector in Action
Thermal intrusion along a fence line
Thermal Intruder Detection
Object Taken Detection thumbnail
Object Taken Detection
Thermal Far-View Detection thumbnail
Thermal Far-View Detection
Nighttime Intrusion Detection thumbnail
Nighttime Intrusion Detection
Far View Perimeter Intrusion thumbnail
Far-View Perimeter Intrusion
intuVision Tailgating Detection thumbnail
Person Tailgating Detection
person/deer classification thumbnail
Person/Deer Classification
intuVision Detection Breakthrough - Center Surround thumbnail
Maritime Analysis Boat Detection
intuVision Crowd Density Detection thumbnail
Crowd Density Detection
intuVision Maritime Detection thumbnail
Watercraft Detection

intuVision Traffic

Automated traffic data analysis to count and classify vehicles by type, determine speeds and flow rates all without expensive hardware deployments or tedious manual counting while maintaining safety and security.

nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Vehicle Search by Color & Class
highway counts and classification with drone videothumbnail
Drone Video Highway Counts
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Turn Counts & Dwell Heatmap
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Counts w/ Poor Video Quality
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Nighttime Speed Detection
nighttime speed detection thumbnail
Roadside Litter Detection
intuVision VA Highway Data Collection - Speed, Classification, Lane, and Direction thumbnail
Speed & Classification by Lane
Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification thumbnail
Counts & Classification by Lane
Drone Video from Large Intersection thumbnail
Large Traffic Intersection via Drone
Smoke Detection in Tunnel thumbnail
Smoke Detection in Tunnel
Nighttime Detection and Tracking of Vehicles thumbnail
Nighttime Vehicle Counts
Highway Traffic and Incident Detection thumbnail
Traffic & Incident Detection
intuVision Highway Speed Detection thumbnail
Highway Speed Detection
Highway Vehicle Counting thumbnail
Highway Vehicle Counting
intuVision Vehicle Turn Count thumbnail
Vehicle Turn Counts
gpu thumbnail
15x Faster than Realtime!
Vehicle Classification & Counting thumbnail
Vehicle Classification & Counting

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