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intuVision® Web API


Convenient Web API & JSON/XML HTTPS triggers to effortlessly bring video analytics data from intuVision VA into your solution or dashboard.

intuVision VA Web API & Output Triggers

intuVision API XML

intuVision VA functionality allows integrators to access rich intuVision VA event detections, metadata, heatmaps, and more, for embedding in third-party applications. Compatible with all application modules and event types, this allows you to leverage intuVision VA's off-the-shelf functionality, including broad VMS and video integrations, administrative functions for easy camera & event setup, classification training, etc., while still displaying intuVision generated video analytics results within your own dashboards.

Providing a much faster time to market, and minimizing development costs for our partners, this empowers your tools with award winning, patented video analytics. This can be used in conjunction with analytics marked-up RTSP video streams, also available from intuVision VA, to complete the integration.

Data collected from intuVision events can be added to additional data sources, such as point of sale metrics, with additional data analysis performed on top of the raw data collection. This data can then be displayed within branded dashboards, allowing value added integrators to leverage intuVision's robust video analytic data, and to provide nuanced information to end users.

Information is available both queried through the Web API and delivered through HTTPS triggers on schedules or when events are detected. This flexibility ensures that whether you are looking to pull information or have information pushed to your application, your needs are met.

reports made with data from intuVision API

Example dashboard created by intuVision customer using intuVision API.

HTTPS triggers are available as both count aggregate information and as XML or JSON metadata sent for each event alarm instance, including image information. If aggregate is selected, event counts will be sent for 15 minute increments, decreasing data transmition requirements and the number of triggers sent. For applications such as person or vehicle counting, this is typically recommended. If metadata is required for each detected alarm instance, the type of metadata can be selected - this information includes event details such as start-time, duration, object classification, image, alarming object information, etc.

Web API offers more details and flexibility beyond HTTPS triggers - providing access to live video, events, event details & snapshots, heatmaps, parking occupancy information, and camera status data.

Available queries include:

  • Live video: including object bounding box information, object IDs, configurable for video, images, metadata, or a combination.
  • Events: configurable to include event details, snapshots, etc. Queries can be specified for cameras, event types, time periods.
  • Event details & snapshots: search for detailed information for a specific event. Configurable to return event snapshot or various event details.
  • Heatmaps: return tracked object heatmaps for specific duration and camera ID, including track count legend.
  • Parking occupancy: return parking counts & which spots are open or full for easy ingestion and integration with display devices or parking dashboards.

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