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We create superior intelligent video analytics solutions and products with exceptional "real world" performance, while keeping our solutions intuitive, affordable and easily customizable for diverse video surveillance applications.

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February, 2024 - Check out the next in the series of the intuVision VA "how to?" videos explaining the set-up for a security scene, from adding a video management system, live video stream, configuration, and event selection. Follow us on LinkedIn to get notified when the new ones are published! Read More >>

January, 2024 - Check out our first in the series of the intuVision VA "how to?" videos explaining the configuration for vehicle counting, from adding a video file, configuration, and event selection. Follow us on LinkedIn to get notified when the new ones are published! Read More >>

January, 2023 - At the beginning of a new year, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our partners and customers for entrusting us with your business - whether it is for ensuring security, gathering statistics for traffic planning or business intelligence, or any other video analytics requirement. We appreciate your choice of our products and always strive to improve on them to support your new projects in the coming year. A Happy New Year to you all!

December, 2023 - 2023 was a year of establishing new partnerships and strengthening the existing ones to bring our video analytics to new markets, and enriching our products with exciting features to support wider use cases. We are thankful to our partners, integrators and intuVision users worldwide, and look forward to new projects in 2024 with all of you!

November, 2023 - Feature spotlight: Post-processing. Video collected for Traffic studies, Retail and Parking business intelligence, or Security investigations including Face and Text Detection can be analyzed with intuVision VA post-processing option without the need for on-site or cloud processing. Using intuVision VA Post-Processing, analytics tasks can be run unattended after setup, and processing can happen up to 30 times faster than realtime.

November, 2023 - Feature spotlight: automated data visualization through email with intuVision VA. The intuVision Review Application features robust data visualization features, to see and export patterns within your data, these reports can now be sent directly to appropriate email addresses. This tool lets you see general behavior patterns in your scene and generate reports, and automate delivery of the reports to key personnel. Read More >>

October, 2023 - Feature spotlight: automated data visualization through email with intuVision VA. The intuVision Review Application features robust data visualization features, to see and export patterns within your data, these reports can now be sent directly to appropriate email addresses. This tool lets you see general behavior patterns in your scene and generate reports, and automate delivery of the reports to key personnel. Read More >>

September, 2023 - Goodwill of Grand Rapids, Michigan deploys the intuVision VA system in 17 stores to monitor donation areas' traffic. After a two months pilot study, Goodwill of Michigan chose intuVision VA to ensure reliable traffic counts and operational safety, replacing manual counts at location - which were time intensive and varied in accuracy depending on site traffic volume.

August, 2023 - intuVision VA and intuVision Edge can be installed side-by-side using each analytics to its best advantage, through hybrid deployments, leveraging the benefits of both - and to meet the unique requirements of each project in the most cost effective way. intuVision Review Application enables event review, alarm management, and even compounding detections from both modes of analytics through a single user interface. Read More >>

July, 2023 - Learn more about the trade-offs and benefits with using intuVision VA (on the server side) and intuVision VA (embedded in AXIS cameras), in our new blog post. intuVision VA offers the most comprehensive video analytics suite, with the best accuracy in a variety of scenes and environments. intuVision Edge runs fully in the camera, and is suitable for simpler scenes or sites with limited infrastructure. Read More>>

July, 2023 - Six years in preventing unauthorized access to server rooms! intuVision VA person tailgate detection has been an important part of this JCI customers' security system. In these deployments, intuVision VA takes in the data from the C-Cure card readers to validate entry to the secure areas, sounds audio alerts, and notifies violations to security personnel for immediate action. Read More>>

More News

June, 2023 - New deployment for a food manufacturer brings new use case for intuVision VA Retail: intuVision’s occupancy rule is used to prevent employee’s exposure to cold temperatures for a long time; which is a significant safety risk. intuVision VA will generate alerts for floor managers if an employee remains in large commercial freezers over a set duration.

May, 2023 - We are now shipping intuVision VA 15.0, if you haven't upgraded your intuVision VA system - now is the time! With new exciting features that span all application modules, including streaming of analytics processed video with object bounding boxes, privacy mask filter, greater security measures, & functionality enhancements for output triggers.

April, 2023 - Check out the latest addition to our video showcase – using intuVision VA to count vehicles entering/exiting to monitor the availability in a parking lot. With this simple alternative to our spot-based parking analytics, occupancy levels are updated as vehicles enter and exit, generating a tally in real time. See the video.

March, 2023 - intuVision VA is improving crosswalk safety, catching near-miss incidents when vehicles pass close to pedestrians on the crosswalk. This information can be used to generate reports of unsafe behavior, flag locations with high numbers of incidents, and provide data for signage changes. Learn more and see an example video from an intersection on our blog, here.

February, 2023 - intuVision® Edge 9.0 is Here! With new exciting features such as motion and dwell heatmaps at no additional cost for the entire 2023, crowd density detection, and streamlined license configuration management for large deployments. With support for Axis' powerful Artpec-8 chipset, intuVision Edge is far superior than previous versions. Read More>>

January, 2023 - intuVision VA has been customized for monitoring high fall-risk individuals such as at-risk patients' rooms in hospitals and in elderly care facilities to provide tools for the caregivers and easily fit any workflow for preventing falls. Read more about the key features and about a long-term deployment of intuVision VA for fall-risk patient and elderly monitoring, in our intuVision VA Health Care - Fall Monitoring Solutions page.

December, 2022 - We want to wish all of our valued customers and partners a "Merry Everything & Happy New Year!" We are looking forward to working together to bring about a successful 2023, and will be closed on Monday Dec 26 & Monday January 2.

November, 2022 - intuVision VA is now being used by several towns to count, report and plan vehicle and pedestrian traffic around the town roads and intersections. In Emerald Isle, our analytics are used to collect visitor counts throughout the year, in Coral Gables, our analytics collect metrics from customer counts, traffic counts, and pedestrian information.

October, 2022 - Learn about the new features in intuVision VA 14.1, including new video management system compatibility, new reporting options, and privacy mask for moving objects, among other quality of life and software improvements.

September, 2022 - Did you know that intuVision VA is a Milestone Certified solution? See how the two systems work together in our integration demo video, and find us soon on the Milestone Marketplace. intuVision VA will conveniently fit into your existing video work flow by ingesting video from Milestone and sending analytics detections, complete with alarming object mark-ups, to Milestone Smart Client.

August, 2022 - Check out our blog for a summary of real-time vs post-event video analytics with faster-than-real-time processing. Sadiye Guler, intuVision Founding President, discusses the two options and how they meet different requirements for a range of projects. The differences and advantages are illustrated with two use scenarios from typical traffic projects. Read More>>

July, 2022 - With our patented algorithms developed fully in house, we have the building blocks to customize our solutions to quickly bring any video analytics project to life. From counting fish in river inlets, to counting bread on a production line, even monitoring environmental conditions, check out the custom video analytics solutions we have developed and deployed over the years, here.

June, 2022 - Latest intuVision VA Security deployment is live at a Georgia retirement community, watching for person and vehicle tailgating at the entrances of a to prevent unauthorized access to the property. Security staff are using intuVision Review to manage events and inspect recorded video of incidents.

June, 2022 - Successful intuVision VA deployment for Traffic Planning in the City of Emerald Isle. Vehicle counts obtained from intuVision VA Traffic, reflecting tourist volumes, is used by the City for planning purposes and to adjust signage. Check out the user story for details. Read More>>

May, 2022 - intuVision VA Traffic is now deployed with a new project in Senegal, to offer insight on traffic patterns and track traffic changes as new signage is implemented. Our ability to process from video files, flexibility in camera position, and extensive event list, such as speed detection, congestion, and turn count are all in play.

More News

April, 2022 - Did you know - intuVision VA can be used for post-event searches of people, vehicles, and other objects, based on object color, classification type, time period, and even location in scene. Saving object metadata and motion tracks is available in all intuVision VA modules to enable detailed object searches. Read More>>

March, 2022 - Video showcasing intuVision ability to detect Gesture Detection available on our blog! Leaning on our learned and trainable classification, this can be used to detect gestures ranging from aiming a firearm, aggressive stance, fall detection, or as in our sample video, pointing at the sky. Read More>>

February, 2022 - We are excited to release intuVision VA 14.0! This major version upgrade has exciting features spanning new events, new output triggers, new use of object classification, full support for new Windows 11, and a whole new application module - intuVision Text, for detecting and recognizing text in videos. Read More>>

January, 2022 - New intuVision Module - intuVision Text - is now available as part of version 14.0. Automatically detect text in video scenes and convert words, letters, and numbers into metadata - linked to intuVision VA events. Use separately for text detection on moving objects or add to any of our other application modules to add detected text as metadata to your events of interest. Read More>>

December, 2021 - As we complete our 16th year in business, we would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to the entire intuVision community including partners, resellers, distributors and most importantly all the end users of our products. Read More>>

December, 2021 - intuVision Edge for Axis cameras integration with Genetec VMS now available. See notifications of intuVision detected events directly in your Genetec VMS - allowing intuitive review of events, from intrusion, left object, speed detection, and more.

November, 2021 - intuVision’s unlimited classification paired with our extensive events, compound rules and the ability to alarm or not alarm on multiple object types makes it possible to customize the analytics to use-cases spanning security, retail, traffic, and parking applications. While it is common to want an alarm for specific types such as vehicles or people some applications may demand not alarming only for some object types.

November, 2021 - Using intuVision analytics, our UK platinum partner Bi3 has worked with Kingdom Services Group Ltd & Kingdom Local Authority Support to create Wastewatch Cam an innovative solution to detect and enforce laws against fly-tipping (a.k.a. illegal dumping).See BBC news video here.

October, 2021 - Drones are commonly used in traffic analysis to collect footage from large intersections and traffic circles for post-processing of recorded video. In this blog we present intuVision Traffic in action counting vehicles from video of a traffic circle collected with a high drone tether.

More News

September, 2021 - intuVision Remote Monitor is perfect for unattended intuVision systems - either collecting traffic data, customer counts, or security alerts in third-party-systems. This application can be installed on another computer on your network to monitor that intuVision VA is up and running as expected.

August, 2021 - Coming soon! All new intuVision VA Module: intuVision Text will be available in our upcoming intuVision VA 14.0 release later this year. Use it stand-alone or as an add-on to one of our other application modules. Read more about what this new feature can do for you and see it in action, here: intuVision VA Text.

August, 2021 - Did you know that you can use the intuVision Review to perform auditing on changes which are made on your intuVision system - including seeing which user made the change and who was logged into the application when specific events occurred? Read more about this and other event search options on our blog post: Search Events View Spotlight.

July, 2021 - Watch our partner Alberto Brignone director of CitiEU/Citilabs Middle East talk about intuVision Video Analytics; as well as applications and use cases of intuVision products. With CitiEU's transportation modeling services and our intelligent video technology, we work together to deliver ready-to-deploy video analytics solutions. Read More>>

July, 2021 - See the first in our series of blog posts covering the user facing components of our flagship video analytics, intuVision VA. These unpack the extensive functionality available within each component, showcasing how these powerful features can provide best-of-breed video analytics solutions and meet the most complex project requirements. Read More>>

More News

June, 2021 - intuVision VA's new module intuVision Text is on the way! Your trusted video analytics solution will now detect and recognize scene text to enhance any application for Security, Retail, Traffic and Parking. Stay tuned to our eNewsletters, follow us on LinkedIn for video analytics news, updates, and new features.

May, 2021 - New feature spotlight: time overlay in parking analytics! See at a glance the empty or full status of a parking spot, as well as how long it has been in that state. Crucial for helping customers in car-side pickup scenarios, or for ticketing people who are parking too long.

April, 2021 - intuVision VA 13.1, our latest release, now brings you two ways to visualize people and vehicle traffic from your camera views. Compatible with both indoor and outdoor views, heatmaps summarize dwell times and motion patterns in your scene.

March, 2021 - We are excited about our upcoming intuVision Edge 8.1 release this month. We will be showcasing the user-requested new features on the intuBlog over the next few weeks - the first up: Multiple Event Zones, which zones of interest are labeled separately for the event rule. Read all about it here.

March, 2021 - New video showcase - intuVision provides a video analytics solution for every application: Out-of-the box, intuVision VA software meets your most outside-the-box project requirements; and if any customization is needed our team delivers a robust solution in no time. See a showcase of some of the most unique applications of intuVision VA, from a bread factory to detecting meteors.

February, 2020 - Vehicles throwing trash is a serious problem for highways & exit ramps and sifting through roadside camera videos to find them is a tedious task. Our customers are turning to intuVision VA to detect roadside littering - both to ticket offenders and to arrange trash pick-up. Read More>>

February, 2021 - Our showcased product this month is intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter - did you know you can get reliable traffic counts, separated by lane, and access the counts through our intuitive Edge API - with all processing done in the camera without any other hardware? See it in action with our video showcase.

January, 2021 - New Year - New Releases! Joint new releases of intuVision VA 13.0 and intuVision Edge 8.0 supports ingesting events from camera analytics into server side, among other exciting new features, like ACS support, new reporting options, and intuVision Edge Web API. Read More>>

December, 2020 - Head over to the intuVision Blog to check out our newest showcase video - featuring intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter. With all processing and event storage happening directly on-board your Axis, Dahua, or Vivotek camera, or on system-on-chip, get accurate and reliable edge counting in multiple directions and separated by lane. Now with Web API!

November, 2020 - intuVision is thankful for our customers, partners, and all others who have brought us continued success this year. We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on 11/26 & 11/27.

More News

November, 2020 - Directional counts and average speeds per traffic lane, as well as vehicle classification, all from single camera view! See the latest video showcase from intuVision: segmented traffic counts and average speeds by lane, and counts per vehicle classification type. Read More on Our Blog>>

October, 2020 - New intuVision Edge version 8, featuring new event API - query events detected by intuVision edge analytics and saved on-board the camera, for ingestion into third party systems. Coming soon - updated and easier-than-ever intuVision Edge Event Manager. Read More on Our Blog>>

September, 2020 - intuVision VA is now integrated with AXIS Camera Station (ACS). Instantly access and apply analytics rules to all cameras in the ACS from intuVision VA and monitor intuVision alarms directly within ACS. Review ACS recorded video from the intuVision Review App and more.Read More>>

August, 2020 - intuVision VA 12.1 is here, with exciting new random selector feature, updated event configuratation, enhanced review features, and more!Read More>>

July, 2020 - Introducing Crowd Density Detection for Axis, Cisco, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, and Vivotek cameras. This event takes into account the “Covid-19” definition of a crowd and generates alarms when people density exceeds a user-set level. Read our blog>>

June, 2020 - intuVision partners with citiEU, expert technology and service providers for transportation planning and modeling, to offer managed and locally supported video analytics solutions to customers in Europe and the Middle East.Read our Press Release>>

June, 2020 - intuVision Feature Spotlight: Day/Night mode. Linked to the lat/long of your camera, intuVision will calculate the sunrise and sunset times for your site, effortlessly switching between optimal settings for daytime or nighttime. Full compatability with classification allows you to have different classification trained for daytime and nighttime.

June, 2020 - Random Selector is now available on intuVision Edge for all events, including person and vehicle counting. Unbiased tool to allow you to randomly select a specified percentage of people or vehicles. Users can easily change the percentage on the fly to adjust for changing security conditions.

May, 2020 - Fourth in intuVision's series of video analytics for Covid-19 preventative measures: Wrong Way Detection in essential retail environments to help customers follow the one-way aisle designations for safe distancing.

May, 2020 - We hope you, your families, and colleagues are staying safe during these times. We are doing what we can to supply our customers with solutions to "stop-the-spread" of Covid-19, download more information here.

More News

April, 2020 - As face mask use becomes a global requirement, intuVision VA develops tools to allow you to remind customers to use face masks, or track which employees are not following procedure. Read more about this, and other targeted solutions to stop the spread of COVID-19, on our blog.

April, 2020 - intuVision VA helps stop the spread of COVID-19 in retail stores by keeping the number of people at suggested safe levels. Monitor multiple doors to count entering/exiting people, keep a real-time count of shoppers in the store; trigger status lights to maintain safety measures recommended in the retail environments & sound alarms when safety rules are violated.Read more on our blog.

April, 2020 - intuVision VA helps stop the spread of COVID-19 in retail stores by keeping the number of people at suggested safe levels. Monitor multiple doors to count entering/exiting people, keep a real-time count of shoppers in the store; trigger status lights to maintain safety measures recommended in the retail environments & sound alarms when safety rules are violated.Read more on our blog.

April, 2020 - As we brainstorm how video can help limit the spread of COVID-19, our customers around the globe bring us ideas; such as detecting people gathering, customers being within an unsafe distance of each other, loitering or sitting in food courts, or even in hospitals to protect patients from unsafe visitors. Read more on our blog.

March, 2020 - intuVision is committed to remaining open and continuing our support to our global customer base during this time. We hope all remain healthy and safe, and continue to work to slow the spread of the virus, Covid-19 (coronavirus).

March, 2020 - Benchmark Magazine featured intuVision VA Retail in their March 2020 edition as a "Smart Option for the Retail Environment". Highlighting our reliable business metrics, such as people counting, queue management, heatmaps, & a wide variety of other events.

February, 2020 - intuVision Edge 7.0 is now available for all supported cameras and custom platforms! Try intuVision Edge on your Axis, Vivotek or Dahua camera for people counting, vehicle counting, graphing counts, or detection of other events.

January, 2020 - intuVision VA has 2020 vision even in low light environments! See the evening time detection and tracking of people in a parking lot at distances ~100 yards in this example.

More News

December, 2019 - intuVision is excited to announce intuVision VA 12.0, with new system health monitoring options, enhanced output triggers to facilitate integrations, and advancements in usability. Contact us today to upgrade!

November, 2019 - intuVision featured as CIMCON's NearSkyTM Connect partner, highlighting intuVision analytics on city streetlight infrastucture to support Smart City deployments. Read More.

October, 2019 - intuVision product brochures are now available in Spanish to better support our partners' marketing efforts. Download here.

September, 2019 - Check out our new intuVision VA Parking demo video on our parking page. 8 hours of processing condensed into 5 minutes, allowing you to see the analytics in action over the entire day.

August, 2019 - Feature spotlight: intuVision Web API. Use intuVision Web API to pull intuVision counts, video, events, heatmaps, and more into your own solution.

July, 2019 - intuVision VA 11.3 sneak-preview - algorithm updates, event alarm by color, and more! Email us to be the first to find out more about intuVision VA 11.3.

More News

June, 2019 - intuVision joins CIMCON's NearSkyTM Connect partner program, to bring intuVision analytics to city streetlight infrastucture. Read More.

May, 2019 - Benchmark Magazine features intuVision VA Retail among their selection of Business Intelligence tools to try.

April, 2019 - intuVision Edge is now available on Vivotek and Dahua smart cameras. Read the intuNews April issue for more.

March, 2019 - intuVision is granted a new patent (US Patent 10,121,079) on Video Tracking Systems and Methods.

February, 2019 - New compact hardware + software system sets for intuVision VA - perfect for small deployments, demo systems, and more. Find out more!

February, 2019 - intuVision VA 11.0 available now, with updated object tracking to provide even better results for busy people counting & vehicle counting applciations. Request a demo today.

January, 2019 - intuVision Retail is in use around to world - see how one Smart Cities Center of Excellence is using it in this CNET video. intuVision Retail segment begins at 2:05.

More News

December, 2018 - Keep an eye out for our re-release of intuVision vehicle counter for edge platforms - now with roadway lanes! Available early 2019.

November, 2018 - Feature spotlight: intuVision remote monitoring tool, gives you confidence that your system is up and running, and notifies if not. Learn More>>

November, 2018 - intuVision founding president, Sadiye Guler, awarded 2018 College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Award from University of Massachusetts, Amherst..

October, 2018 - intuVision VA 10.0 is now available, featuring automatic failover for distributed systems and classification training from triggered events.

September, 2018 - New event spotlight: No Activity. Generate alarms or triggers when there is no activity in your view - perfect for detecting stopped equipment.

August, 2018 - intuVision signed up two new certified resellers, visit our certified reseller page today to learn about benefits.

July, 2018 - Stay tuned for news about the intuVision VA Traffic Module rerelease in upcoming intuVision VA Version 10, with high accuracy classification and counts, and faster setup times!

More News

June, 2018 - intuVision and TERC are bringing intelligent video to science discussions, facilitating teacher classroom discussion understanding with VideoReView. Find out more!

May, 2018 - intuVision VAs new vehicle tracker reliably counts vehicles in low-light or nighttime conditions without false counts due to head-and taillight reflections. View video

May, 2018 - intuVision VA Retail has been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Benchmark Innovation Awards: Business Intelligence category! See more in our new intuVision Retail introduction video.

April, 2018 - Stay tuned to hear about our all new intuVision Edge analytics, including People Counter, and Vehicle Counter. With edge based event management.

March, 2018 - Our upcoming release will feature new event type: occupancy! Track customers in your site, and receive notifications when you are above occupancy.

January, 2018 - Newest release, intuVision VA 9.3 available, including remote monitoring tool, automatic day/night modes, and more. Find out more.

More News

December, 2017 - New feature spotlight: Remote Monitoring Tool. Install on to ensure your intuVision system and server is up and running.

November, 2017 - Our custom built solution for tailgate detection is the perfect solution to ensure security in vulnerable areas. Learn more: Anti-tailgate Use Case and Cutsheet.

November, 2017 - Our upcoming release will feature automated day/night mode based on location, and more. Sign up to be the first to know more.

October, 2017 - Check out our new videos in our video showcase! While there you will be sure to find real-world examples for your specific requirements. See videos here.

September, 2017 - Have any questions about the intuVision software? You aren't the only one! Check out our full FAQ, here.

August, 2017 - Sneak-Peak: big things are happpening on the edge... coming soon will be completely updated edge applications, with event management, updated functionality and more!

July, 2017 - Check out our updated Milestone VMS integration functionality, including ingesting video from unconstrained sources, and greater flexiblity than ever.

More News

June, 2017 - intuVision VA 9.0 is now available! With new retail events, improved flexibility, and Web GUI for Linux OS. Contact us today to learn more!

May, 2017 - We invite you to participate and view videos from Stem For All 2017, a project of intuVision partner, TERC. View videos from last year.

April, 2017 - intuVision VA Face is a finalist for the Benchmark Magazine Innovation Aawrds! Learn more and view finalist video here.

March, 2017 - Try out the new intuVision VA Linux, the feature-rich solution you are used to, now available on more platforms. Coming soon: Web GUI!

February, 2017 - Version 8.1 of intuVision VA is now available! With improved Review App, updated Milestone integration, and more!

December, 2017 - New intuVision Optimization Bundles! Include full camera optimization, analytic settings tune-ups, and 18 months sw maintenance.

November, 2016 - New event - Vehicle Congestion! Detect when roadways of traffic areas are experiencing high congestion. Use information to generate alerts or track congestion over time.

More News

October, 2016 - intuVision VA 8.0 is now available, featuring new Linux backend for more flexible deployments, new post-processing segments, new events, and more!

September, 2016 - intuVision Demo Kits now available for any combination of our four application modules, intuVision Face, and intuVision LiTE. Get started today to ensure a successful demo! More>>

October, 2016 - New video demonstrations of our analytics at work are online! See demos from the parking, retail, security, and traffic domains in our new video showcase.

July, 2016 - intuVision VA heatmaps provide greater functionality - effortlessly generate informative graphics with heatmaps of people, vehicles, & more.

June, 2016 - Thanks for visiting us at IFSEC in London, UK, June 21-23, and for Hanwha Techwin hosting us as an OPEN platform preferred partner. More>>

April, 2016 - New video demonstrations of our analytics at work are online! See demos from the parking, retail, security, and traffic domains here.

March, 2016 - intuVision VA selected as Benchmark Magazine Intelligent System Finalist with GPU accelerated analytics, customizable object classification, and more..

More News

February, 2016 - Read the use case scenario for intuVision Parking Module tested in commercial building parking lot, with an unprecedented 98% accuracy.

January, 2016 - Many happy customers are familiar with our deep integration with exacqVision. We are happy to announce we are now a Tyco approved vendor!

December, 2015 - 2015 was a pivotal year for intuVision, with major rebranding and restructuring of our flagship solution to better meet your needs. Read more here.

November, 2015 - This month we welcome two new resellers of our solutions, Kenetics in Singapore and Haupshy Establishment for Electronics in Jordan.

October, 2015 - We're happy to announce version 7.3 of our solutions, intuVision VA and intuVision SDK, featuring object search by color, updated event types, and more! See more>>

September, 2015 - ASIS 2015 was a success! Thank you for visiting and learning more about our solutions and edge analytics. We look forward to new partnerships. See more>>

August, 2015 - Updated queue line features available in our upcoming release. View queue length bar for each camera or combined onto a store floorplan. View video sample here.

More News

July, 2015 - intuVision partner Proline Integrated Intelligence lands large security project in Doha, Qatar. intuVision VA is used with Proline’s ISIM integrated security system.

July, 2015 - We're happy to announce our newest release: intuVision VA & SDK 7.2, featuring new licensing, new events and new post-processing capabilities.

June, 2015 - intuVision’s video tools will be helping teachers to analyze classroom video with a closer look at student learning and science ideas.

May, 2015 - "intuVision Video Analytics makes it possible to react to events in near real-time." Read more about this project in our Industrial Application User Story.

May, 2015 - intuVision is happy to announce we have moved offices! Please note our new address is 10 Tower Office Park Suite 419, Woburn, MA 01801.

April, 2015 - intuVision will be at the ASIS Boston Security Expo 2015, on April 9th. Visit our booth,to see our latest technology and sign up for exclusive free product trials! See more>>

March, 2015 - New features on Samsung cameras, person classification and new events: Enter/Exit for counting people and Speed for detecting speeding vehicles. See more>>

More News

February, 2015 - intuVision sponsors the IoT Young Women's Innovation Grand Challenge. The challenge encourages young women to invent innovative everyday IoT solutions. See more>>

February, 2015 - intuVision will be at the Cisco’s Safety and Security Summit Feb. 16-18 to showcase Video Analytics solutions to US, Canada and Latin America Physical Security Partners.

January, 2015 - We are pleased to announce new intuVision VA modules, including parking, retail, security, and traffic. Purchase the analytics you need. See more>>

January, 2015 - "intuVision VA gave us accurate counts of customer entry and exits without the need for a dedicated camera over the door.” - Director of Loss Prevention See more>>

December, 2014 - We are pleased to introduce intuVision VA. With the same analytics you love, flagship product Panoptes is now our eponymous product intuVision VA. See more>>

November, 2014 - Our edge analytics are now available on Samsung cameras, with Speed, Wrong Way, Line Crossing, Zone Intrusion, Object Taken, and Activity Detectors. See more>>

October, 2014 - ASIS 2014 was a great success! Among other things, there are a few new demo videos of our software working for retail and parking up on our Youtube page. See more>>

More News

August, 2014 - New feature spotlight: Trigger-PTZ. Output a trigger upon event occurrence to PTZ either event camera or another PTZ enabled camera. See more>>

July, 2014 - Be secure over night with new intuVision headlight reflection removal, available in the upcoming Panoptes release - be confident that an alarm is an alarm. See more>>

June, 2014 - New intuVision Edge Event Management system for our AXIS camera analytics: review, search, combine events and generate statistics and graphs. See more>>

June, 2014 - New feature: Minimum size gradient. This facilitates optimal tracking in scenes with far views, allowing for different size settings as objects near the camera. See more>>

May, 2014 - intuVision-LITE, our new lightweight, low-cost video analytics solution, provides a simplified version of Panoptes, for easy deployment of large installations. See more>>

May, 2014 - Announcing new Panoptes version 6.0! With new system features, including auditing and group permissions, and updated event spies. See more>>

April, 2014 - In April Cisco announced intuVision as a new ecosystem partner to provide intelligent video analytics both on the camera and the server side. See more>>

April, 2014 - Sadiye Guler is serving in the IoT steering committee to help shape the 2nd Annual IoT World Forum sponsored by Cisco and others April 9-10! See more>>

March, 2014 - Panoptes web API will be available soon to allow for Panoptes event set up from 3rd party applications, further increasing ease of use. See more>>

February, 2014 - intuVision video analytics are coming in new Cisco smart cameras! Available events: Activity, Direction, Line Crossing, Object Taken and Zone Intrusion. See more>>

January, 2014 - New and improved ACAP edge analytics! Introducing new Zone Intrusion Spy and updates to Activity, Line Crossing, and Object Taken Spies. See more>>

January, 2014 - We're proud to announce Panoptes version 5.3, featuring a renovated Monitor GUI to increase ease of use and new event types: Parking and Capacity.

Check out the intuBlog!