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Cutting edge video analytics with intuVision Edge 8.0

Anna Vacha

intuVision Edge brings intelligence directly in your video camera without additional hardware for analytics processing. intuVision Edge is available for smart cameras such as Axis, Cisco, Dahua, Hanwha (Samsung), and Vivotek, as well as custom builds for various System-on-Chip platforms.

Based on our robust algorithms adapted from the server side solution intuVision VA, intuVision Edge offers a comprehensive edge analytics solution with widest selection of event rules on the edge. intuVision Edge’s embedded graphing capability provides a quick glance view of events and counts. An edge API for Axis cameras enables easy access to alarm and event details for integration into 3rd party systems and dashboards. intuVision Edge’s built-in person classification and the Random Selector options to broadens the applicability of edge event rules for any use case.

Additionally, the optional lightweight companion Edge Event Review and Management system on a PC makes it possible to configure compound events based on event detections or alarms from multiple cameras.

Our tiered licensing options ensure maximum flexibility to support a wide range of requirements by allowing selection of multiple rules on a camera:

  • Edge Premium - unlimited number of rules running at the same time on the camera, including counters edge API and graphing
  • Edge Plus – add any two event rules on your camera, except counters, Edge API or graphing
  • Edge People Counter – including count graphs and Edge API
  • Edge Vehicle Counter – including count graphs and Edge API
  • Edge Basic - add any one event rule to your camera, does not include Edge API or graphing

intuVision Edge event rules and their brief functionalities are listed below, for a complete description please contact us at

  • Activity: Alarms on detecting any moving object in the scene or in the user marked zone.
  • Crowd Density: Alarms on detection of increased density of objects in the scene based on a user set percentage.
  • Enter-Exit: Alarms on detection of a moving object entering or exiting out of the user marked zone.
  • Left Object: Alarms on an object left behind either by a person or a moving vehicle, as well as a moving object that becomes stationary such an idling vehicle.
  • Object Taken: Alarms on removal of a fixed object from its place.
  • Speeding Object: Alarms on detection of an object moving faster than a user set limit.
  • Throughput: Alarms on detection of an object moving through and crossing over active edges of a user marked area in a specified direction.
  • Wrong Way: Alarms on detection of an object moving in the user specified direction.
  • Zone Intrusion: Alarms on detection of an object entering a user marked zone.
  • People Counting: Counts people in both indoors or outdoors views with light or medium traffic.
  • Vehicle Counting: Counts vehicles by travel direction, and per traffic lane.

If you think that intuVision can help you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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