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intuNews Issue 76


intuVision VA 14.1

This interim release takes our reporting to a new level with automated emails with graphs of count data, parking durations, and even average speeds. Event alert snapshot images are now available through our HTTP Triggers. Integration with HikCentral and Hitachi VMS and Visualization Suite extend the reach of intuVision analytics.

intuVision® VA

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"[We] love the latest upgrade of the product. It is working well and we are looking at all new ways we can provide information to clients with using the API functionality."

Steven Goldsmith
Technical Integration Manager - ITC

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Sample of searched tracks with their color and classification type.

New Features Available with intuVision VA 14.1

  1. Reports via Email: New email output trigger for sending automated reports from selected cameras and events on a specified schedule. Reports available are those in the intuVision Review Application, including list format, pie charts, bar and line graphs.
    1. Combine events from multiple cameras and select specific time periods of interest.
    2. Customize the data to be displayed, for instance select to separate events by object classification type or traffic lane.
    3. Specify report format to best visualize your data: line graph, bar graph, or pie chart.
    4. Custom report formats including average speed, parking occupancy time, average dwell duration, even the event review response time for security staff.
  2. Event Images via HTTP Output Triggers: Updated HTTP Output triggers to include frame snapshot image of from the time of the event alert.
  3. Video Management System Integrations: intuVision VA can now send event alarm details to HikCentral and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) for easy review. intuVision VA ingests video directly from the Hitachi VMS (HVMS) and HikVision VMS.
  4. Privacy Mask for Moving Objects: Maintain unobstructed view of scene, yet maintain the privacy of people or vehicles in the scene while allowing to verify and evaluate the analytics detections.
  5. Parking Module Classification Update: Separate, more intuitive classification training for parking spot analysis, providing better learning of the parking area dynamics.
  6. Nested Compound Events: Capability to use compound events as a component event for a higher level compound event for ultimate flexibility in event customization.
  7. Remote Client Licensing: Improved licensing for remote clients to facilitate tracking of where the remote client license is in use.
Thumbnail of privacy mask in grocery store.
Thumbnail of intuVision VA with HikCentral.

This release is available to customers within their software maintenance period, please reach out to us to schedule your software update, we are happy to help with any questions. For new customers, all new releases within the first year after purchase are available to you, and we are happy to assist with keeping you up to date.

If you think that intuVision analytics are the right fit for you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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