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Parking Time Monitor - Office Parking Lot Use Case

Anna Vacha

A large office building parking lot with areas sectioned of for short-term parking uses intuVision VA to monitor and enforce park duration limits.

  • Short-term 30 minute parking – closest to building entrance serving a shipment business and child-care center for quick drop off/pickup.
  • Three hour visitor parking – for visitors of various businesses in the building.
  • Remainder is unmonitored employee parking.

While each parking lot section is labeled with allowed time limits, visitors and employees regularly misuse short-term parking. Building management was receiving complaints of parents not finding parking spots while dropping off/picking up their children, and patrons having to carry packages large distances due to short term parking spots being occupied.

intuVision VA Parking was already in place for general parking spot monitoring, but was repurposed to generate alerts for vehicles parked too long in the dedicated parking areas - 30 minutes for the first row - 3 hours for the second and third rows- with the rest of the parking lot remaining flexible for employee parking.

Building security staff use the intuVision Review Application in their office, which displays the park duration overlay for each vehicle in the short-term parking sections. Once a vehicle exceeds the allowed duration of their parking spot, an alert is generated and emailed out to security staff and to receptionists. Protocol is implemented wherein businesses has a grace period to notify their visitors that the parking duration was exceeded to prevent inconvenience to others.

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