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Intelligent Video Security

Our flagship product intuVision VA Security adds eyes in the back of security personnel’s head to never miss an incident or threat. Our patented algorithms work in any environment and scene condition. intuVision software works with your existing hardware to give you the ultimate solution with minimal cost. intuVision’s unmatched technical support ensures successful deployment of all your video analytics projects.

intuVision® VA

Video Analytics You Can Depend On

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"intuVision has a fantastic offering of analytics that can be fine tuned to fit the unique needs of our clientele and integrate with the various VMSs. They were great to work with during the sales cycle and our field technicians spoke highly of the support they received and ease of implementation."

Drew Smith
Meridian Intelligent Systems

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Sample of searched tracks with their color and classification type.

Security Analytics in Action

While intuVision VA has six domain specific application modules, for traffic, retail, parking, face and text detection, and has also been deployed around the world for manufacturing, safety, ecology, and so much more, the corner-stone of video analytics remains security.

From automating existing video security systems to secure a larger area with a fewer staff, or to make your security infrastructure do more for you, intuVision VA Security is ideal for any project.

intuVision VA is integrated with common Video Management Systems, and standard deployments work with your existing VMS. By simply adding the VMS credentials to intuVision VA, you get access to all cameras, and can configure any analytic event detection from the extensive set of intuVision VA Security features. Detected alerts can be sent back to the VMS for easy review by security staff within applications they are familiar with.

While many deployments leverage a Video Management System, it is not a requirement. With ONVIF compliance, intuVision VA can work with any RTSP camera on the market, ingesting video directly from the camera, with event and video review available through our comprehensive end user application, intuVision Review.

intuVision Security offers the widest set of event types and unlimited classification types with each license, ensuring a solution for any security concern you or your customers have. Additionally, analytics post-processing via stored object tracks capability lets you look beyond your pre-configured events when something out of the ordinary occurs, without the necessity of re-processing the video.

Finally, as attested with many happy customers, our support team is happy to help with the deployment, from installation, configuration, and analytics optimization to make sure the intuVision VA fits within the established workflow and performs optimally.

Here is what our customer said after a recent security deployment at a large facility:

"[intuVision] support team is hands on throughout the process, assisting with configuration, tuning, and integration aspects from start to finish. Despite performing complex tasks, the [intuVision VA] atform is intuitive to navigate for both installers and end users."

Drew Smith
Meridian Intelligent Systems

If you think that intuVision analytics are the right fit for you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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