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Object Search by Color & Class

A moving object tracked by intuVision VA can later be searched by choosing cameras, date & time, prominent object color, classification type, even by marking an area of the scene.

This unique feature - object search by color & classification type - enables users to look through tracked objects and quickly find people or vehicles of interest after an incident.

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"intuVision VA is a good solution, [using stored object tracks] to catch people activities in dense areas, pretty easy to configure with many excellent features!

intuVision support team is very friendly and ready to help quickly."

Zandy Muhammad
University of Exeter

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Sample of searched tracks with their color and classification type.

Object Search by Color and Classification Type

Detailed object searches are possible with all intuVision VA modules using the saved metadata for tracked objects, such as color, classification, and motion path through the scene without re-processing of the video. intuVision Review application allows searching any previously analyzed video using a range of object and camera metadata.

Search criteria include object metadata such as the prominent object color and classification type, as well as video envelope information such as the camera ID, date & time interval, and even the object’s motion trajectory in the scene. Once a search query is run, objects matching the search criteria are returned ordered by the similarity, in a convenient list showing a series of thumbnail image snapshots of the object along its track as it moves through the scene. Users can easily glance through the returned objects by clicking on each object track, when an object is selected the path the object has taken through the scene is highlighted showing its movement pattern.

This feature enables investigation of behavior beyond the pre-configured events. During intuVision system setup, events are configured to detect anticipated behaviors such as a person loitering or a vehicle speeding. In instances where an incident occurs outside of configured events, or a security alert is issued from another source for a specific person or vehicle of interest, the object search allows users to look for that specific person, or vehicle, without the need to re-process video or manually watch relevant recorded video.

Example object searches after an incident could be looking for a yellow truck taking Exit 21 to Rte 30 South, a white vehicle exiting the parking garage, or a red van entering a rotary from Main street. In each of these cases both the vehicle color and classification are needed to search objects in video from relevant cameras and the motion paths can be reviewed to allow investigators quickly find the vehicles of interest. You can see these analytics in action on our blog: object track search in traffic scenes.

Similarly, searches for people may include looking for a person wearing blue pulling luggage, someone returning a shopping cart at a specific time, or trying to track down a lost child in a shopping mall. Object color and date/time information within selected camera views can be used to further filter out the people who are not of interest. Classification can be leveraged to isolate people in specific situations, i.e. those with shopping carts or luggage. You can see these analytics in action on our blog: object track search in retail and security scenes.

Once the possible matches are identified within the search results, recorded video segments of each object can be reviewed for a deeper understanding of a particular object’s behavior.

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