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Introducing intuVision VA 14.0

We are happy to announce this major version upgrade with exciting features spanning new events, new output triggers, new use of object classification, full support for new Windows 11, and a whole new application module - intuVision Text, for detecting and recognizing text in videos.

With enhancements in all of our application areas, version 14.0 has something for all of intuVision VA users.

intuVision® VA

Video Analytics You Can Depend On

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"The high flexibility and robustness that came with the off-the-shelf intuVision analytics suite made it much easier for us to deploy and deliver than any other available video analytics options.

Some of the nicest features that we have setup and deployed to my understanding are exclusively available only with intuVision."

Tang Tay Joo
Kenetics Solutions Pte Ltd

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Hotel staff does not know exactly what objects will be left in the hallway - from trays or luggage, but does not want to be alerted about people or cleaning equipment.

intuVision VA 14.0 New Feature List

  1. New intuVision Module - intuVision VA Text - Available separately or as an add-on to existing intuVision VA modules, intuVision VA Text detects and recognizes text in the scene or in objects which trigger events, and adds the recognized text to event metadata.
    1. Fully customizable, text can be detected in the overall scene, in a specific area or on the moving objects.
    2. Detected text is searchable, available in image overlay, and accessible through Web API and output triggers.
    3. Flexible licensing allows users to add this to only those cameras which require the feature for cost savings.
  2. New Proximity event available in intuVision Security module. Alert if people or other objects of interest within the scene are too close together – a requirement for the new normal post-COVID-19 world.
  3. Updated parking duration graph to support long-term parking events, new parking graph showing usage duration of parking spots.
  4. The new configuration feature for selecting object classes for events not to alarm on for use cases when all object types which might trigger an alarm cannot be anticipated; to alarm on all object types except the selected ones.
  5. JSON support for HTTP output triggers - to send HTTP output triggers with full event information in JSON format.
  6. Send full event details via email CSV files, including object classification, event timestamps and duration, details, etc.
  7. Improved system redundancy with event digest failover; ensuring events are not lost in case of system or computer failure.
  8. Enhancements to server stability at high CPU usage – ensuring optimal performance of all video channels even at high utilization.
  9. Increased performance of event import from intuVision Edge analytics.
  10. Full support for upcoming Windows 11.

If you think that intuVision analytics are the right fit for you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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