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intuVision Object Classification

Train your own classification models directly from intuVision VA with unlimited object types. Recognize vehicles, people, boats, animals, and more to meet any application requirements. Use object classification with color, thermal, IR, and black & white video and alarm only on selected object types.

intuVision® VA

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"This system has been so flexible and allowed us to adjust the method of counting pedestrians, bicycles and even electric scooters for our clients to satisfy their changing Smart City requirements. With its intuitive interface and powerful analytics this has been the best investment we have made."

Steven Goldsmith
Technical Integration Manager - ITC

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Sample of searched tracks with their color and classification type.

intuVision VA Object Classification

A unique feature differentiating intuVision VA from other video analytics is our robust object classification with unrestricted categories. In addition to default person and vehicle classification types, users can add custom object categories and quickly train classification models directly from the intuVision VA Admin Application.

Whether the project requirements call for keeping separate counts for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, or excluding animals from triggering perimeter intrusion alarms, intuVision VA trained classification makes it possible.

The user trainable object classification is part of intuVision VA's patented algorithms that learn scenes and recognize objects as the video is being analyzed, without having to collect large number of model training samples. The moving objects detected and tracked with intuVision VA readily provide the model training samples. Since each object track includes several pose snapshots of an object type, those constitute good training data for building classification models. Just a few track sequences are needed to build a model for an object category and training takes only seconds!

Training object classification from a particular camera view has the advantage of learning objects as they appear in that view for better recognition. Trained models generalize well and can be used in similar camera views. The classification models can also be retrained and updated for improved recognition, as more examples of an object type is observed.

Object classification is used in intuVision VA events to limit alarms to object types such as people lingering around a parking lot, or to count only a specific type of object such as trucks entering a bridge.

If you think that intuVision analytics are the right fit for you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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