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intuBlog - intuVision VA During COVID-19

Detecting people loitering in a coffee shop.

intuVision Analytics for Social Distancing

Stop-the-Spread with intuVision VA

Anna Vacha

This period of COVID-19 has caused massive adjustments in daily life, to help allow countries and communities to slow the spread of the virus.

Many of these new guidelines run counter to the way people are accustom to interacting, leading to a long adjustment period.

intuVision VA analytics can come in and help both you and your customers adjust for this new world that we are living in at present. From analytics to help detect crowds gathering, customers being within an unsafe distance of each other, loitering or sitting in food courts, or even to protect patients from unsafe visitors.

intuVision VA is easily deployed into any system with ONVIF compliant RTSP cameras or with one of our integrated VMS systems. And our ability to run a distributed system across Windows computers, means that the intuVision analytics can often be readily deployed without requiring additional hardware.

intuVision Crowd Density Detector is a flexible answer to alerting if a crowd begins to gather or if customers are not following the social distancing guideline of 6 feet. This is a flexible analytic, where different alerts can be configured for different detected density levels.

This functionality can be tied into our I/O device or audio alert integration to offer prompt guidance to customers. For example, at a medium density level, the system could be configured to generate an audio alert "For your safety, we recommend you remain at a distance of 6 feet from other guests". At a high density level, a strobe light could flash along with a more strict audio message.

As many restaurants and food courts are now transitioning to a take-out only model, intuVision VA can also alert of customers who are loitering too long or who sit at tables to eat their meal. This can similarly be tied into automatic responses from audio modules or I/O devices, or an alert can be sent to a manager to ask those people to vacate the area.

Finally for hospitals and other care centers, analytics can be used to detect un-authorized personnel entering patient's rooms or areas. During this time, it is natural for people to want to visit loved ones, but unfortunately it is not always possible. This can be used to notify nursing staff, so they are able to respond for the safety of everyone involved.

If you think that intuVision VA can help you or your customers during this time, you can reach us here.

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