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intuVision® Parking

intuVision VA Parking provides parking lot analytics to determine lot fullness, vehicle counts, and security - both for cities and for private lots.

intuVision Parking

With intuVision Parking, it is now possible to monitor parking space availability at all times:

intuVision parking video analytics automatically secure and monitor parking area, determining percent occupancy.
  • Know which spots are occupied or vacant at any time
  • Count vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot
  • Ensure the loading zones are not blocked
  • Detect vehicles occupying visitor spots for a long duration
  • Watch speeding vehicles in driveways
  • Search for vehicles of specific color
  • Post event detections - search through object tracks quickly for new events without need for re-processing
  • And moreā€¦

intuVision VA Parking monitors the state of each spot in real-time to direct entering vehicles to empty spots or less full parking lots.

Daily metrics gained on the occupancy rates and other statistics enable efficient use of these public spaces.

Speeding vehicles in driveways and parking lots pose danger for pedestrians and other vehicles. intuVision VA detects and alerts personnel, in real time, of speeding vehicles, as well as vehicles driving the wrong-way down parking lanes and vehicles idling in driveways and blocking access.

Facility and Floor Occupancy

intuVision VA Parking includes functionality for occupancy measures and metrics for parking facilities as well as floor-by-floor occupancy to better guide visitors. Occupancy counts can be viewed live in our Review Application, through our web API, or sent via email or other output triggers, depending on the constraints of your system.

intuVision parking video analytics automatically secure and monitor parking area, determining percent occupancy.

intuVision occupancy requires only cameras mounted over ingress and egress points from the garage, and from this is able to obtain an accurate count of the number of vehicles in the facility or section, without the need for spot-based cameras or devices.

Occupancy measurements are available floor-by-floor, by section, and for the entirity of the parking facility or garage.

Random Selector

Perform random vehicle checks as vehicles enter into secure parking areas, or perform random checks on parking eligibility. Tied to vehicle counting, the intuVision Random Selector will randomly flag a user-specified percentage of vehicles, allowing you to perform checks truely at random, and protecting from any accusations of bias.

intuVision Parking Events

intuVision VA offers the unique capability to add as many events and event rules to each of your cameras - meaning that with the same camera you can both detect open parking places, secure your facility, and ticket vehicles parking over-long.

Activity Detect any moving object activity in a zone, can be limited to people, vehicular, or other activity.
Camera Tamper Detect when a camera has been obscured or blocked, either unintentionally or maliciously.
Color Search Perform a color based search of vehicles or people in the parking area - quickly finding objects of interest.
Enter/Exit Detect vehicles as they enter or exit the parking lot - notifying employees to assist customers, generating counts, or detecting after hours intrusion.
Heatmap Generate a heatmap of paths taken throughout parking lot to determine vehicle flow.
Idle Object Detect vehicles or people idling and loitering in specific areas.
Loading Zone Detect when cars park in loading zones. Use classification to alarm only on cars, while trucks don't generate the alarm. Alternatively, alarm if a vehicle has been at the loading zone for longer than the allowed time.
Multi-Camera Lot Map Review parking space information from all cameras on one lot-map. Know at a glance where to direct new vehicles and who has parked over-long.
No Exit Detect if a car has parked and no one has left the vehicle. This is useful to detect suspicious activity.
No Parking Zone Generate an alarm if a vehicle has parked in a no parking zone.
Park Duration Generate an alarm if a vehicle has been parked in a spot for longer than the allocated duration.
Parking Lot Occupancy Collect information about parking spaces, including which are currently open, full, percentage use over time, etc.
Random Selector Count and select a user set percentage of vehicles for security inspections, or save a random selection of vehicle snapshots for accuracy review.
Smoke/Fire Detection Visually detect if a fire has occurred in your parking areas. Standard smoke and fire detectors do not work well outdoors, our visual detector will notify you right away.
Speeding Vehicle Detect vehicles speeding through parking areas. Speeding vehicles are unsafe, but can be hard to catch in private or public parking lots.
Stopped Vehicle Detect vehicles stopped in driving lanes. Quickly be alerted to possible problems or suspicious behavior
Throughput Detect objects crossing specified edges of the zone.
Wrong Way Detect vehicles going against the flow of traffic.
Zone Intrusion Detect when moving objects enter into a zone of interest.

Parking Lot Monitoring Use Case

intuVision VA Parking module was used in an office building parking lot detecting parking spot availability in an all-day test; with 180 parking/leaving events an unprecedented 98% accuracy was achieved.

Use Case Scenario

In a typical office building parking lot, drivers have to roam around looking for empty spots near their entrance. The facility was looking for ways to direct drivers to available spots for both efficiency and safety reasons.

Effortlessly place video analytic parking zones over spots in your parking area to determine occupancy or duration parked.

During a live testing of intuVision VA system performance in a commercial building parking lot, spots that become available were accurately detected and reported in a timely fashion.

Knowing where the available spots are cuts down the time spent by the employees, leading to increased efficiency as well as reduced traffic in the parking lot. In addition intuVision Parking module was set to detect violations and alarm when vehicles stop in no parking or fire zones.


Display of video analytics detected parking spots.

In this use case, cameras viewing the parking lot were mounted on the building approximately at 35ft. height looking down on the sections of the lot covering 25-35 parking spots as seen in the example.

Each park row and spot can be uniquely labeled and the parking lot plan feature allows mapping of each spot to corresponding location on the parking lot plan.

The API provided with intuVision VA facilitates visual display of open spots as well as percentage availability by time of day. With this metric, parking lot utilization rates can be calculated leading to efficient use of all parking spaces. In this use case addition to reporting spot availability intuVision Parking module is configured to monitor No-Parking Zones and speeding vehicles in the driveways to generate alarms upon violation of those.

High Performance

To measure the spot availability detection performance, 35 spots in one section of the lot were used. During the eight hours starting around 7:30 am, 179 vehicle parking and leaving events were observed as the ground truth.

During this 8 hour period intuVision VA has successfully detected 170 of these events resulting in the following accuracy and precision and F1-score metrics:

  • Accuracy: 0.98
  • Precision: 0.94
  • F1-Score: 0.96


intuVision VA Parking module performed with 98% accuracy monitoring parking spot availability in this parking lot scenario.

In addition intuVision Parking module also detected and reported parking violations and alarmed when vehicles stopped in no parking or fire zones.


  • Video based, automated, reliable parking spot monitoring
  • Custom API to report spot availability
  • Reporting of parking violations and security threats
  • Improved parking lot safety and time efficiency

intuVision Parking Sample Videos

intuVision VA Parking Spot Monitoring - See intuVision's video based parking spot detector at work over a full 8 hours of parking video, with additional alert events for handicap spot parking. In a day long test of 34 parking spots, intuVision parking resulted in 96% accuracy.

intuVision Outdoor Parking Lot Occupancy via Entry/Exit Counting - intuVision VA vehicle tracking and counting technology can be leveraged to determine occupancy within your parking lots and garages by counting vehicles as they enter and exit your parking regions.

intuVision Parking Garage Occupancy via Entry/Exit Counting - Using low-light headlight and taillight vehicle counting, intuVision VA is able to give highly accurate results within parking garages for count based occupancy.

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