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intuBlog - Parking Spot Duration Overlay!


New Feature - Parking Spot Duration Overlay

Anna Vacha

You can see our new parking spot duration overlay feature in action in the below video. While our parking spot analytics are well hardened and in use around the world, this new feature builds upon the functionality, showing at a glance the status of each spot as well as how long since the last change.

While using the parking spot monitoring for curb side pick-up or for short-term parking ticketing, status of all parking spots is shown at once. For instance, seeing which cars have been parked longest without being served, or which are close to surpassing the allotted time.

The video below shows a 50 minute segment in the middle of the work afternoon for a relatively busy office park. As you watch the video, you will see vehicles leave, new vehicles park, as well as the durations for both how long vehicles are parked and how long spots are open. This is also an excellent example to show the analytics performance throughout changing lighting conditions. In the sample video, the shadow of the building rapidly moves to cover the parking spots. We accurately maintain the status of each spot as well as the accurate duration, despite this significant change in scene.

Since this lot is simply general parking, no alerts or parking duration exceeded alarms are generated - with one exception. Building management noticed that people were parking in the cross-hatched no-parking-zone, interfering with easy turns around that corner. An alarm was set-up to notify when someone parks there.

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