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intuBlog - intuVision Occupancy via Car Counting

Diagram of sample parking garage occupancy deployment, via car counts.


Parking Availability using Car Counting

Anna Vacha

intuVision VA Parking detects and reports parking availability either spot-by-spot or as a total occupancy -by counting cars entering to and exiting from- the garages or parking lots.

Fully customizable according to the layout and desired metrics of a parking facility, occupancy can be calculated and organized by floor, by section, or for the entire parking garage or lot. Some parking facilities require a combination of spot-by-spot parking status and overall parking occupancy, intuVision VA Parking is flexible enough to support both requirements within the same system. Each one of the reserved parking spots, handicapped spots and electric vehicle charging bays can be monitored for “available/occupied” status while the overall occupancy level of the parking area is reported as a combination of enter/exit car counts and spot status detection.

Reliable intuVision vehicle counting works 24/7 to count cars and other vehicles that enter and exit the parking facility through multiple gates and moving up and down in multi-level garages. intuVision Occupancy uses the entering/exiting vehicle counts (and the up and down traffic counts between levels) to reach accurate overall “occupancy/availability” results in real-time. The parking occupancy data can be accessed via the intuVision Web API to display the availability status of the entire garage and each level, to direct the traffic efficiently.

In addition to using the parking occupancy/availability data for digital signage, the data can be graphed daily to gain insight into the usage of the parking facility, to see busiest times, compare parking statistics over different time periods and even analyze for the preferred levels of a garage or sections of a parking lot.

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