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intuBlog - Detection in Twilight Conditions

Person detection and classification in poorly lit parking lot at night.

Detection and Classification through Changing Low-light Conditions

Anna Vacha

While video analytics is commonly leveraged for outdoor detections, for security,traffic, parking, and more, lighting can be a concern, including how light changes throughout sunset.

All intuVision VA modules include the capability for Day/Night mode, allowing for different settings to be used during both day and night, but the question remains, how much light or contrast is needed for reliable detections?

LUX level is not a good measure of sufficient lighting, as different cameras will convert that lighting into images differently, working with the minimal contrast of a scene will let you know if objects can be detected and classified in your scene. The video below shows how intuVision detection, tracking, and classification reliably detects people (as indicated by a yellow bounding box) as lighting transitions from daylight through full dark, in a minimally lit parking lot.

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