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intuVision® Security

intuVision Security is the premier real-time security analytics solution available. Our flagship product, intuVision Security is well trusted world wide.

intuVision Security

intuVision security video analytics detect after hours suspicious loitering outside facility.

People excel at transforming information into responsive action, but fail in maintaining focus and attention when monitoring monotonous surveillance video. Our Security solution never loses focus, does not get tired, distracted or bored, and alerts security staff to take action.

This intelligent video software provides the capability to monitor your surveillance video in real time and send out alerts upon the occurrence of user specified events. If a concern is a thief breaking into a doorway after hours, a person entering a one way door from the incorrect direction, or a vehicle loitering outside of your building, intuVision VA will notify the security staff of event occurrence.

intuVision Security detects a wide range of threats from intruders and trespassers, to abandoned objects, to idling vehicles in real-time.

With intuVision Security the action time to developing threats is significantly reduced and your facility is protected against expected and unexpected threats.

Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification thumbnail
Thermal Intrusion Detection Along a Fenceline
  • Monitor multiple events in each camera view - take advantage of the ability to add unlimited events to each camera view
  • Send email alerts and soft triggers to alert security staff upon event occurrence
  • Robust intrusion detection, paired with specific algorithms to filter out noise (such as trees or waves), car headlights, and more
  • Unlimited classification types to filter out different object types, such as animals, vehicles, doors, etc.
  • Post-event detection without the need to reprocess, save and instantly search through object tracks. Filter tracks by color, classification type, and more.
  • Full system auditing and user permissions. Track employee use of the system.
  • Event acknowledgement option - ensure each event is reviewed and acknowledged.
  • Floorplan review for simplified event and video review, see an intuitive map of how cameras and events relate.
  • Compound events, either between cameras or on the same camera - create more advanced and reliable events, and minimize false alarms.
  • Random Selector for fully unbiased random checks of people, vehicles, or other object types. Also can be used as auditing tool to investigate a random selection of security incidents.
  • And more…

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intuVision security video analytics protect valuable items automatically without need for additional personnel.

intuVision Security Events

intuVision VA offers the unique capability to add as many events and event rules to each of your cameras - meaning that with the same camera you can detect after hours intrusion, person loitering, left object, and wrong way, or any other combination of events.

Activity Detect any moving object activity in a zone, can be limited to people or vehicular activity.
Camera Tampering Detect when a camera has been obscured or blocked, either unintentionally or maliciously.
Crowd Monitoring Detect when a dense crowd has gathered in your region of interest. generate audio alarms to request people to disperse.
Direction Detect vehicles or people moving in the specified direction.
Enter/Exit Detect vehicles or people as they enter or exit your facility - generating counts, or detecting after hours intrusion.
Idle Vehicle Detect a vehicle idling in a suspicious location, whether they are there to collect information or illegally parked.
Intrusion Reliably detect intrusion into your facilities, while filtering out false alarms. Process video from CIF to HD, and in black and white, color, or IR.
Left Object Detect if an object has been left behind. Our advanced system lets you only alarm when the person leaving the object is far enough away to be considered "left".
Loitering PersonDetect people loitering in specific areas.
No ExitDetect if a car has parked and no one has left the vehicle. This is useful to detect suspicious activity.
Object TakenDetect when high value items have been removed.
Over CapacityDetect when too many people are around a valuable display or when too many people are in a specified area.
Random Selector Count and select a user set percentage of people or vehicles for security inspections. Save a random selection of events as auditing tool.
Smoke/Fire Detection Visually detect fire and smoke in camera views.
Speeding Vehicle Detect vehicles speeding through parking areas. Speeding vehicles are unsafe, but can be hard to catch in private or public parking lots.
Throughput Detect objects crossing specified edges of the zone.
Wrong Way Detect vehicles or people going against the flow of traffic.
Zone Intrusion Detect when moving objects enter into a zone of interest.

Security Use Case

“Using video to monitor events in an industrial plant often means the labor intensive task of reviewing hours or maybe days of recorded video. Our IVC Alarm Server system integrated with intuVision Video Analytics makes it possible to react to events in near real-time.” Clark Esler, Marketing Director, IVC


One of Industrial Video Controls’ (IVC) customers, a large polyethylene plant in Central America needed a video monitoring solution for process safety. Due to the critical nature of the hazardous chemicals to be used and produced at the plant the security of the site was a great concern. The petrochemical plant requested a solution that includes advanced video analytics seamlessly integrated with the monitoring system. IVC worked with intuVision to integrate intuVision VA with IVC system to have the video to be analyzed by intuVision Video Analytics, and IVC Alarm Manager to generate tailored responses and actions to enhance plant’s safety and security.

Petrochemical plant secured with intuVision security video analytics.

About Industrial Video Controls (IVC)

Based in Newton, MA IVC delivers broad range of IP-Video systems to industrial, commercial and military applications. Their standards based software delivers quality video to client devices over a network is highly scalable and easily integrate with 3rd party applications. A key strength of IVC is its ability to develop, cameras, enclosures and software to meet demanding deployment requirements.


IVC installed over 60 of their hazardous area Class I Division 2 certified stainless steel dome cameras throughout the petrochemical plant along the perimeter of the facility and at operational locations. IVC worked with intuVision to integrate video analytics into their Alarm Server.

All live video streams from the cameras are fed into intuVision Video Analytics by the IVC Relay Server. intuVision Video Analytics analyze the video in real-time to detect:

  • Activity in critical areas
  • Crossing into user specified virtual areas
  • Intrusion into specific areas
  • Objects left behind
  • Objects taken from their place
  • People loitering

intuVision VA alarms are sent to IVC Alarm Server and IVC Alarm Manager then initiates the actions tailored to fit the application requirements for each alarm.

The seamless integration between intuVision video analytics IVC software makes it possible to use a wide range of video analytic rules on any camera for both security, safety and operational purposes. This petrochemical plant uses powerful intuVision video analytics to detect security violations as well as to detect people violating safety precautions. intuVision video analytics has provided the plant with much needed automated monitoring throughout their campus.

"Heightened security concerns at many industrial sites, such as this polyethylene plant demand a more vigilant surveillance approach. IVC industrial video solutions coupled with intuVision video analytics provide a security solution that is less dependent on constant monitoring by security personnel" said Mr. Esler. The features within the intuVision VA system provides details on alarm type and location the IVC system response can be quickly tailored to each alarm in a more comprehensive manner.


The intuVision and IVC integrated solution provides exceptional operational safety and security to the petrochemical plant. Monitoring and automatically detecting potential safety and security violations makes it possible to respond to them in a timely fashion.


  • All-in-one solution for video surveillance and analytics
  • Petrochemical plant safety and improved operations
  • Reliable security monitoring
  • Tailored responses for each alarm type



  • IVC Alarm Server & Video Server
  • 60 hazardous area cameras


  • IVC Alarm Monitor & Relay Server sw
  • intuVision VA Security

intuVision Security Sample Videos

Far View Perimeter Intrusion - use intuVision VA to cover large areas with just one camera. Detect people only a few pixels high, and process HD videos easily with GPU acceleration.

intuVision Crowd Density Detection - live display of current crowd density. New Crowd Density level display makes setting the alarm level for the event simple and intuitive. Crowd Density can be used in a variety ways, from alarm to counts and time aggregates to determine the busiest times of the day.

intuVision Tailgating - An example of intuVision's compound event technology. Combine our broad event offering to create your own, unlimited events. Tailgating event can also be combined with input triggers from your access control device.

intuVision Detection in Maritime Scenes - We go beyond motion detection, with truly intelligent video analytics. Here is a demo of one such solution, center surround, improving detection in a maritime environment.

intuVision Person/Deer Classification - Trigger alarms with people, not animals! intuVision VA offers robust classification, with just a few clicks. Differentiate not only between people and vehicles, but between cars and motorcycles or people and animals!

intuVision VA Release Notes

Below you can see a listing of the intuVision VA Release Notes, including spotlights on new features, a record of our development history, etc:

New releases are available to users within their software maintenance period. Please reach out to us to schedule your software update. If you are running an older version of intuVision VA, we are happy to help with any questions.

Versions older than 11.0 are currently not eligible for upgrades.

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