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intuBlog - Does Weather Affect Analytics

Parking lot monitoring in the snow.

Winter Monitoring with intuVision Video Analytics

Anna Vacha

One of the biggest questions we get regarding outdoor video analytics is, "how will inclement weather affect my processing?"

Being in New England, we understand how much of an impact weather can have, and so have developed our analytics to work reliably no matter the weather. From bright sunny days with harsh shadows, to blowing wind that moves foliage in the scene, to snow covering lanes and changing the background of the scene, our analytics are able to adapt and continue reliably detecting, whether for security, retail, traffic, parking, or face detection.

For example, we will look at the case of detecting parking occupancy and wrong way detection through a snow storm. Our adaptive background is constantly learning the scene and adjusting the changes, even as snow piles up in the parking lot, covering the roadway lanes and parking spaces. As vehicles and plows move through the parking lot, the scene changes, and intuVision VA continues updating the background to account for those changes. Potential false alarms from snow flurries in front of the camera are ignored and filtered out using object classification.

Of course the analytics rely on seeing an object, so if the snowfall is such that a person cannot be seen from the camera, or if water builds on the camera lens such that the scene can no longer be seen, the results from the analytics will be affected.

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