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intuBlog - intuVision Random Selector

Selecting people at random for a bag-check at a terminal.

Vehicles are randomly tagged for inspection at an airport entrance.


intuVision Random Selector

Available in intuVision VA and intuVision Edge

Anna Vacha

Available as part of intuVision VA or running entirely on the edge, intuVision Person or Vehicle Random Selector can offer an unbiased tool to allow you to search a specified percentage of people or vehicles. Our reliable analytics detect and count each person or vehicle, and alarm on a customizable percent - between 1% and 100%. This can be tied into an I/O module or other alert system.

Random Security Checks

Reducing the load on gatekeepers, and providing an unbiased method for performing random checks, our random selector is perfect for airports, border crossings, or any place where random checks of people or vehicles are performed. Relying on the automated random selector ensures there is no bias which could lead to lawsuits or poor results. Contrary to other tools on the market, which require guards to manually trigger a push button with each vehicle or person passing by, intuVision Random Selector automates this process.

Tying these alarms to a I/O module can cause an audio alert or flashing light to trigger when a person or vehicle is selected. This creates an obvious alert for security staff, without requiring a monitor in each guard station. Advanced systems can also be established, triggering redirect signals for guests or locking doors.

Auditing of VA Events

Since this random selector functionality is available for all of intuVision event offering across all modules, it is perfect for use in auditing. Review can be done either in real-time or after-the-fact, to select or mark a random percentage of events.

In the case of count events, you can specify that the system save snapshots for only the specified percentage of counts. This means you can look back through the snapshots to ensure counts remain accurate, without needing to save all snapshots associated with all counts. It also allows you to perform board auditing of events over time, i.e. covering both daytime and nighttime durations, as well as weekends vs weekdays. Email notifications can be set up to send events with snapshots to your email for easier review.

In case of alarm events, system can be set-up to send a subset of events to management, to perform auditing on guard staff. This can allow you to review a small portion of events, but gain an overview of staff response.

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