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intuBlog - Roadway Litter Detection


Roadway Litter Detection with intuVision VA

Sadiye Guler

Small items such as food and drink containers thrown out of vehicles is a common problem for highways and exit ramps. Using mobile camera stations and video analytics our customers are turning to intuVision VA to detect when littering occurs - both to ticket offenders and to arrange trash pick-up.

Detecting litter along roadways presents a unique challenge, as it involves detecting very small objects in a dynamic scene – with traffic motion, grass moving in the wind, and other effects. Additionally, most common litter objects are semi-transparent, such as empty soda bottles and plastic bags – and to monitor as long of a road segment as possible from each camera, these objects can be very small in the scene.

intuVision VA’s advanced features work well even with these scene complexities, such as clutter and noise filtering, and object classification to minimize effects of nuisance factors and give reliable alarms when a litter object is dropped – and only then.

intuVision VA prodives multiple options to review alarms upon detection of litter – through intuVision Review Application, with image snapshots sent via email, with our Web API, or sent to your video or alarm management system. intuVision VA supports all possible response protocols by getting you the information you need, where and when you need it!

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