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Thanks for visiting at ASIS 2015!
Anaheim, CA, Samsung Video Analytics Partner

ASIS 2015 was a Success!

Thanks for joining us at ASIS 2015, we showcased our different applications, including collecting a count of people as they passed our booth. We look forward to next year!

intuVision analytics - security

intuVision VA

Most comprehensive event rules - GPU acceleration - Trainable object classification
VMS integrations - 3rd party input/output triggers

intuVision analytics - security

intuVision Security
- Timely detection of threats
- Most accurate alarm filtering

intuVision analytics - traffic

intuVision Traffic
- Vehicle counts by type
- Aggregate traffic statistics

intuVision analytics - parking

intuVision Parking
- Real-time spot status updates
- Parking violation alerts

intuVision analytics - retail

intuVision Retail
- Customer traffic heat-maps
- Database-ready count reports

intuVision LiTE

Low cost - Light-weight - Simple server-side analytics

Camera Embedded - Axis, Cisco, Samsung

Camera Embedded - Plug & play video intelligence - Robust events
Person classification on the edge

Email us to make an appointment at asis15@intuvisiontech.com or call us at 781-497-1015.