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intuBlog - intuVision® Edge 9.0 is Here!

Showing adding intuVision Edge licenses for multiple cameras.

Both dwell and motion heatmaps included in all licenses complimentary throughout 2023.


Pleased to Announce intuVision Edge 9.0 Release!

Anna Vacha

With new exciting features such as motion and dwell heatmaps at no additional cost, crowd density detection, and streamlined license configuration management for large deployments. Try intuVision Edge with superior performance on new AXIS cameras with powerful Artpec-8 chipset.

This version comes with extra features, support for Axis Artpec-8 cameras, simplified license management for large deployments, and a special New Year bonus – motion and dwell heatmaps included at no additional cost during 2023!

  • intuVision Edge Heatmaps provide at-a-glance look at the movement patterns in any scene
    • Motion Heatmaps summarize overall motion trends
    • Dwell Heatmaps highlight waiting durations and hot-spots where objects tend to linger
  • Crowd Density is now a part of intuVision Edge Basic, Plus and Premium packages, alerts when the monitored area gets busy, and it is tunable to alert for user determined levels of crowd density.
  • intuVision Edge for AXIS Artpec-8 closer to intuVision VA performance for reliable detection and tracking of small objects or those far from the camera, and allowing use of multiple event rules in one camera.
  • intuVision Edge Event Manager a Windows based companion application, automatically syncs with AXIS cameras running intuVision Edge Analytics for:
    • Pulling the events and counts from the edge for detailed reporting
    • Generating comparison graphs between cameras or time periods
    • Storing events for longer-term
    • Enabling access to event combinations, such as with 3rd party device inputs to detect tailgating
  • Updated intuVision Edge license management for application of licenses to multiple cameras at once - facilitating large deployments and allowing for easier upgrades to newer versions.
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