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intuVision Edge Crowd Detection

Anna Vacha

Our newest edge analytic; Crowd Density Detection for, Axis, Cisco, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, and Vivotek cameras. Developed as part of intuVision solutions to “Stop-the-Spread”, in light of the world's new normal this new intuVision Edge event will generate alarms if people density gets above a user set level with people close together.

The event takes into account the “Covid-19” definition of a crowd – fully customizable based on your camera view and environment requirements to alarm when as few as three people are within the zone. From testing with different camera views and people motion behavior, this method was determined to be most effective ensuring that social distancing guidelines are followed in public areas.

Density detection analytic can also be used to determine when crowds of people are gathering for safety concerns, such as over-capacity or security measures. intuVision's flexible licensing allows combining crowd density with other analytics such as loitering, wrong direction or left object to meet any application requirements.

If you think that intuVision can help you or your customers during this time, you can reach us here.

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