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intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter Spotlight

Anna Vacha

intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter offers advanced video analytics algorithms for accurate vehicle counting, entirely on the edge. Reliable multi-directional vehicle counting on the edge offers a perfect solution both for remote projects as well as local projects trying to maintain low hardware infrastructure.

Compatible with a wide range of Axis, Dahua, and Vivotek cameras, as well as on system on chip devices, this product is perfect for mid-range camera views as in the sample video below. Close views which include 4-7 car lengths worth of travel from vehicles, with high camera placement so as to ensure minimal overlap between vehicles will yield optimal results.

As you can see from the video, the application counts vehicles in real time, making camera setup and ground-truth tasks a breeze. All events are stored on the camera, and can be accessed in two ways:

  • On-board graphing allows you to create nuanced and detailed reports over a variety of time periods, comparing against other edge events, and the two directions captured by the vehicle counter.
  • On-board API allows you to access event metadata for each vehicle count, including object ID, date, time, direction, etc.

Compatible with intuVision Edge Event Manager, events and event counts can also be sent there, allowing you to combine counts from multiple cameras, for more detailed reporting, occupancy calculations, and more.

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