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intuVision Edge & intuVision VA Hybrid Deployments

intuVision's two lines of video analytics; intuVision VA on the server side, and intuVision Edge running fully in Axis cameras can be deployed separately or in a hybrid manner leveraging the benefits of both - and to meet the unique requirements of each project in the most cost effective way. intuVision Review Application enables event review, alarm management, and even compounding detections from both modes of analytics through a single user interface.

intuVision® Video Analytics

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intuVision's in-camera and the server-side analytics count vehicle and pedestrians from our existing video cameras and provide us reliable traffic data to help improve city's operations and services.

Efrain Fleites,
IT Network Analyst l,
City of Coral Gables

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near-miss detection at a sidewalk.

Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Deployments

intuVision VA and intuVision Edge can be installed side- by-side using each analytics to its best advantage, intuVision VA for more demanding scenes and events such as counting vehicles while also detecting speed violations on a highway, with intuVision Edge for simpler tasks, such as counting vehicles on a less busy side street. Detections from both analytics can be sent to any compatible VMS or to intuVision VA Review Application for managing events and alarms.

intuVision VA and intuVision Edge are both based on our patented award winning algorithms, each optimized for best performance on the respective platforms: Windows or Linux computers for intuVision VA, and AXIS cameras or other edge devices for intuVision Edge.

intuVision VA offers the most comprehensive video analytics suite, in six application modules for Security, Traffic, Parking, Retail, Face and Text Detection. It's advanced algorithms and countless event rules ensure best accuracy in a variety of scenes and environments. intuVision VA is integrated with common Video Management Systems (VMS's) for ultimate compatibility with existing sites.

Advanced functionality such as: nighttime vehicle tracking, day/night mode settings, unlimited object classification, lighting adaption, noise and shadow filtering are available only in intuVision VA, which is therefore best suited with complex scenes or requirements. Please refer to intuVision VA and specific modules for details: Security, Traffic, Parking, Retail, Face and Text Detection.

intuVision Edge, running fully in the camera, uses streamlined versions of the same algorithms and events, is suitable for simpler scenes for the optimal performance. While it does not include the full breadth of intuVision VA event types, the most common and well suited events are available, including person & vehicle counting, speed detection, object taken, and many more.

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Whether your project requires vehicle counting on a busy highway or on a quiet side street; counting shoppers at a shopping plaza or a convenient store; securing critical infrastructure or an apartment complex, intuVision has the perfect solution for the best price.

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