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intuVision VA Traffic Spotlight

Anna Vacha

intuVision VA Traffic offers flexibility for real-time processing, faster-than-realtime processing from archived video, or deployments that feature a combination of real-time and post-analysis of traffic video.

In the showcased project, some locations required analyzing traffic video in real-time over permanent camera deployments, while others used temporary cameras collecting video at selected intersections for post-processing of weekly traffic data analysis.

The video example is from one of the permanent cameras mounted on an overpass near a rest area exit; viewing six lanes of traffic in two directions. The analytics data is used to understand traffic flow patterns, vehicle type breakdown for road wear and air pollution estimates, as well as the rest area usage.

From this single camera view, intuVision VA Traffic extracts:

  • Vehicle counts for trucks and other vehicles for each traffic lane in two directions
  • Average speeds for each vehicle category and in each traffic lane
  • Exit ramp counts in both directions for each vehicle category
  • Exit ramp speeds in both directions for each vehicle category

With the rich data generated from just one camera view, the customer is able to give information to different municipal departments - and flexible intuVision reporting options allows them to produce detailed reports with graphs from directly within the intuVision VA Review Application.

Due to the broad range of requirements in the project, multiple reporting types were used. Featured in the video is the per-lane and per-classification type vehicle counts break down, giving a glimpse of ratios of vehicle type and lane use. Directional counts for trucks and other vehicles are summarized in the pie-chart graph below; while the average speeds detected for each lane and for each vehicle class are summarized in the bar graph.

Additionally, reports are emailed to interested parties daily or weekly. And lastly, some events are queried from the intuVision Web API by the customer, for automated reporting within their dashboard application.

All reports and data collection methods are built off of intuVision's patented and award winning detection and tracking, trainable object classification, and flexible and robust event rules - and all are available with both real-time and post-processing.

The features mentioned above are available not only with intuVision VA Traffic, but with other intuVision VA modules - for Security, Retail, Parking, and Face Detection & Matching.

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