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intuBlog - intuVision VA vs. Edge

Nighttime vehicle tracking - intuVision VA

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intuVision VA vs intuVision Edge

Anna Vacha

intuVision’s patented video analytics are available in two product lines; intuVision VA on the server side, and intuVision Edge embedded in Axis cameras.

intuVision VA offers the most comprehensive video analytics suite, in six application modules for Security, Traffic, Parking, Retail, Face and Text Detection. It’s advanced algorithms and countless event rules ensure best accuracy in a variety of scenes and environments. intuVision VA is integrated with common Video Management Systems (VMS) for ultimate compatibility with existing sites. Please refer to intuVision VA and specific module data sheets for details.

intuVision Edge, running fully in the camera, is suitable for simpler scenes as it uses streamlined versions of the intuVision VA algorithms and events for the optimal performance within the camera hardware.

Whether your project requires vehicle counting on a busy highway or on a quiet side street; counting shoppers at a shopping plaza or a convenient store; securing critical infrastructure or an apartment complex intuVision has the perfect solution for the best price.

Hybrid Deployments

intuVision VA and intuVision Edge can also be installed side-by-side using each analytics to its best advantage; intuVision VA for more demanding scenes and events such as counting vehicles and detecting speed violations on a busy highway, with intuVision Edge for simpler tasks, such as looking for roadside activity. Detections from both analytics can be sent to intuVision VA Review Application for managing events and alarms for using Compound Events, determining Occupancy over multiple entry/exit points, and Tailgate Detection.

intuVision Edge Processing

Available processing power of camera chips limits the extent of algorithms that can run in the edge analytics. Hence, simplified versions of intuVision VA algorithms are employed on the edge and as a result small objects, especially the ones far away from the camera or fast moving objects may not be optimally detected on the edge.

Additionally, advanced functionality such as: nighttime vehicle tracking, day/night mode settings, unlimited object classification, adaption to lighting changes, noise and shadow filtering are not available in the intuVision Edge.

Expected Accuracy

For simple scenes, the accuracy will be comparable for intuVision Edge and intuVision VA. While for the complex outdoor scenes with variable lighting, background noise such as from trees or water, or scenes where objects of interest are at a distance from the camera, intuVision VA significantly outperforms intuVision Edge.

Accuracy of video analytics highly depend on the camera view and the environmental factors. Since the quality object detection and tracking dictates the precision of the downstream analytics, intuVision VA’s advanced ’s algorithms result in higher all-around accuracy than streamlined intuVision Edge analytics.


intuVision VA – Licensed per video stream and by module (Security, Traffic, Parking, Retail, Face and Text Detection) allows unlimited events within each module. Modules can be combined as needed for the most economical and flexible solution.

intuVision Edge – Licensed per camera and allows 1, 2, or multiple event rules (one instance of each event rule as dictated by license).

Multi-directional counts, object taken monitoring for up to 12 individual objects.

Event Management with intuVision Review- Included in intuVision VA license, also available as on add-on the intuVision Edge.



While core events are shared across platforms, such as activity, vehicle and people counting, intrusion detection, etc, more advanced events are available only on intuVision VA. These include most intuVision VA module events, such as parking spot analytics, queue management, face detection and matching, and much more.

Events intuVision VA intuVision Edge
People Counter
Vehicle Counter
Crowd Density
Left Object
Object Taken
Random Selector
Speeding Object
Wrong Way
Zone Intrusion
Face Detection, Text Detection
Additional Events as listed below

Parking Event Rules Retail Event Rules Security Event Rules Traffic Event Rules
Enter/Exit Capacity Capacity Average Speed
No Exit Coverage Crowd Density Congestion
No Parking Zone Dwell Enter/Exit No Exit
Parking Lot Map Enter/Exit Idle Vehicle Pedestrian Activity
Parking Spot Occupancy Input/Output Input/Output Speed Detection
Short-term Parking Loitering Left Object Stopped Vehicle
Speeding Vehicle No Activity Loitering (person) Turn Count
Stopped Vehicle Object Taken No Activity Vehicle Counting
Wrong Way People Counting No Exit Wrong Way
Queue Object Taken
Speeding Vehicle


intuVision Edge includes on-edge reporting capabilities for each camera, where you can see the previous 30 days worth of data. intuVision VA includes unlimited data storage as well as more nuanced reporting options and reporting across multiple cameras. Using intuVision Event Manager, intuVision Edge events can be used in similar reporting as intuVision VA.

Both intuVision Edge and intuVision VA include dwell and motion heatmaps, as well as event reports and Web API, whereas intuVision VA includes more nuanced event review and reporting such as event details, object track search, and advanced reporting options.

Reporting Options intuVision VA intuVision Edge intuVision Edge with
Event Management
Event Reports
Heatmaps (Motion & Dwell)
Output Triggers
Advanced Event Review
Event Snapshot
Bounding Box
Object ID
Event Duration
Event Confidence Value
Event Details, i.e. detected speed
Object Track Search
Advanced Reporting Options

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