Introducing intuVisionTM VA & SDK 7.3

The new version of intuVision VA comes with exciting new features:

  • Object Search by Color to find objects of specified color in processed video )see example below).
  • Crowd Density now features scene overlays to see at a glance as user-marked areas approach over-full state. View queue length video to see this new feature in action.
  • Extended Event Storage capability supports multi-year event and object counts and comparisons over time periods.
  • More detailed and flexible events are now available with compound events with the same object ID - detect when the same object has triggered multiple events in your scene.
  • Sped-up Event Search enables after-the-fact detection of new events using intuVision object tracks without the need for analytics re-processing.
  • Improved event detection features including: new powerful algorithms forĀ Parking Lot Occupancy, directionality forĀ Throughput, and extended functionality for Camera Tampering, and Compound Events with the same object ID to detect when an object triggers multiple events.

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