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intuVision VA During COVID-19 - Wrong Way Detection

Stop-the-Spread with intuVision VA

Anna Vacha

This period of COVID-19 has caused massive adjustments in daily life as countries and communities are taking precautions to help protect people from getting infected and to slow the spread of the virus.

In our last blog post, we focused on how intuVision Face Detection can be used to ensure face mask usage. In this blog, we will focus on how intuVision VA Retail can help retail stores remind and enforce one-way only aisles. While the essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies must remain open, they need to implement safety measures to help stop the spread of Covid-19. One such measure is to specify store aisles as one direction only to maximize the distance between customers.

intuVision’s patented algorithms and widely fielded product, intuVision VA reliably tracks customers' movement within the camera views.

The alarm conditions and the follow-on actions for Wrong Way detection are fully configurable, not only with direction, but also distance and time travelled in the wrong direction. Depending on the use case scenario, intuVision's flexible output triggers and Review Application can be used to meet a range of customer requirements. Immediate action can be taken to remind customers, such as triggering audio alarms to warn and remind customers of correct direction of travel or triggering signage to flash. Data can be compiled and sent to store management to facilitate A/B tests of signage and providing data about which signs are more often ignored. Email alerts or text messages can also be sent to management to allow them to respond immediately.

intuVision VA is easily deployed with ONVIF compliant RTSP cameras or with one of our integrated VMS systems. For best results with Wrong Way detection, we recommend top-down camera angles, allowing minimal occlusions. Our ability to run a distributed system across Windows computers means that the intuVision analytics can often be readily deployed without requiring additional hardware.

All intuVision VA solutions to stop-the-spread of COVID-19 can be deployed on the same system, often on the same camera streams.

If you think that intuVision VA can help you or your customers during this time, you can reach us here.

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