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intuBlog - Parking Spot Availability

Parking spot availability.

Monitor Parking Spot Availability with intuVision Video Analytics

Sadiye Guler

Drivers looking for a parking space not only create unnecessary traffic in parking lots, but also waste gas and pollute the air. intuVision’s parking analytics provide a cost effective solution to monitor parking spot availability in real-time and help guide the drivers to available spots quickly.

intuVision VA Parking collects, analyzes and reports vehicle parking data while providing safety and security monitoring for parking garages or lots. Flexible deployment options makes intuVision VA an easy add-on to any parking facility.

  • Automated parking spot monitoring
  • Custom API to report spot availability
  • Reporting violations and security threats
  • Parking lot/garage safety and time efficiency

In addition to occupancy detection and availability reporting, intuVision VA Parking features a wide set of event rules from detecting speed violations in the parking areas to alarming on wrong direction travel, idle vehicles on the driveways, pedestrians using vehicle entrance /exit areas or detection of smoke and fire in the parking area. intuVision VA Parking alerts personnel to accidents, threats and violations in real time to prevent damage to people and property.

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