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intuBlog - Module Spotlight: intuVision Text


intuVision VA Text after a Year

Anna Vacha

Extending the reach and functionality of our video analytics solutions, Text Detection module was released with intuVision VA v.15, to detect text and convert all alphanumeric characters into metadata linked to events. With this module, any text on moving objects such as the brands on trucks, vessels, or words and numbers on signage can be automatically added to event description.

Available as a separately licensed intuVision VA module, off-the-shelf, or as part of our custom development tool kit, Text Detection can be used standalone or combined with other intuVision VA modules to meet your project requirements.

Now that intuVision VA Text Detection has been out for a year, we wanted to share some projects and deployment ideas we encountered over the last year, as users work with this new module.

Lot Number Tracking

A large recycling center uses identification sheets at each work station to mark which recycling containers belong to which of their customers. As part of a complete solution, they required a log throughout the life-span of a container, including information displayed on the identification sheet, to track any changes made, and periodic snapshots of the recycling bin.

intuVision VA Text Detection provided an ideal solution for this application, automating their record keeping by correlating the identification sheet text with any images, in an easily searchable format. Doing so saved significant man-hours. Instead of employees to manually enter the customer and container information each time a change occurred, intuVision VA automatically performs the function.

Automatic Delivery Tracking

An example project involved tracking delivery trucks, at the loading dock; tracking entering, exiting times and duration for each delivery vehicle. The delivery vehicles are labeled with an identifying code on the back and with a specifically positioned camera, each truck's ID could be logged along with a time-stamp and an image snapshot, to be used for correlating records.

This helps catching delivery trucks arrive late, spend too long in the loading areas, or have other irregularities with their timing. Snapshots can be used to verify vehicle information and in case truck labels are worn and need replacement.

Manufacturing Use Case

Another project involves record keeping in a manufacturing plant. With containers labeled with an identifying code, intuVision VA Text can be used to create automatic logging of the containers as they move throughout the manufacturing facility.

This is ideal in situations where a photo log is also needed, as images can be saved as boxes pass through each checkpoint, and can then be searched by box ID, seeing images at each point of the manufacturing process, to verify the process or to identify when an error might have occurred.

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