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intuBlog - Emerald Isle Traffic Planning

Emerald Isle pilot intersection, running intuVision Traffic.

intuVision VA generated pie chart showing the vehicle distribution through the different roadways.


Intersection Traffic Counting, Congestion Detection

Anna Vacha

Seasonal tourist town on the North Carolina Coast required a method to manage and count traffic entering the island & traveling through key intersections throughout the year.

The town chose intuVision VA Traffic to implement a pilot system at one intersection, which was expanded to three key intersections, to gather traffic flow data for tourist areas.

Vehicle count data obtained from intuVision video analytics reflects tourist volumes which is used by the City for planning purposes and to adjust signage. Additionally, congestion detection is monitored at the intersections to alert on potential traffic blockages. Traffic data accessed is through built-in intuVision Review reporting functionality and exported to be shared across town officials.

From Town Manager Matt Zapp:

“By utilizing intuVision system at our main intersection that leads to and from Emerald Isle, we were able to quickly gain a better understanding of our traffic counts and patterns. With a largely seasonal and transient population, this data has been eye opening and will be beneficial as we plan for the Town’s future.”

“The system gives us an easy approach to counting the amount of vehicles traversing through these areas, using our existing cameras. We look forward to being able to compare this data year over year."

"As a result of the data gathered at our first location, we have since expanded it to other high-traffic areas throughout the town.”

Deployment Description


  • Software: intuVision VA Traffic v.14.0
  • Hardware: HP Laptop ProBook,, 3 LTS IP cameras

Existing city cameras at critical intersections were used to roll out the analytics without requiring additional cameras and installation, taking advantage of intuVision’s compatibility with a wide range of IP cameras.

Additionally, since the initial deployment was urgently needed for a holiday weekend, the town was able to repurpose a retired office laptop to run the intuVision VA Traffic analytics leveraging intuVision VA’s low hardware demand. As the town wanted to monitor additional key intersections, intuVision system was easily expanded for permanent deployment on another computer. intuVision technical staff were able to transfer processing along with all collected data to the new hardware.

Dual purpose analytics were set up in the intersection, both counting vehicle traffic to and from the the island, visitors to key tourist areas, and detecting congestion build-up around the intersections and generating alarms for quick resolution by town police.

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