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intuBlog - Vehicle Tailgating with intuVision Edge


Vehicle Tailgating with intuVision Edge

Anna Vacha

This showcase demonstrates how the intuVision Event Manager with your intuVision Edge Events lets you go beyond simple detections and create nuanced high level alarms.

In the example video, vehicle tailgate detection was required at a security gate. intuVision Edge detects vehicle entering and sends the detections to the Event Manager. The Event Manager compares vehicle counts and gate access codes to detect tailgate activity. Tailgating events can then be seen in the event list.

This offers a perfect solution for sites requiring a low hardware footprint or where streaming video is not viable. With all processing done on board compatible smart cameras, for example Axis's ACAP models, all that is needed is a computer to run the lightweight intuVision Event Manager.

While the example video below features a relatively simple compound event, with both components happening on the same camera - i.e. two vehicles entering at the same time - the Event Manager is able to go beyond - ingesting events from many cameras and combining them into complex compound events.

Other available types of compound events available in the Event Manager include:

  • Triggers - this component event must trigger this many times within the duration, in conjunction with the other component events (if desired).
  • Triggers zero or more times - all instances of this component event within the set time duration will be added to one compound event. Must be at least one positive instances of a component event for the compound event to trigger.
  • Does not trigger - this component event will create a black out duration for the other associated component events. If the “does not trigger” component event triggers, the compound event will not trigger for the set duration after it.

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