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intuVision® Edge - Samsung


intuVision analytics, on the edge. Add our intelligent object detection and tracking to your Samsung cameras, robust analytics without additional hardware.

intuVision Edge Analytics for Samsung Cameras

intuVision’s  Samsung camera embedded applications provide intelligent video analytics directly in the surveillance camera without the need for additional hardware for analytics processing.

  • Activity
  • Enter/Exit
  • Left Object
  • Object Taken
  • Speeding Object
  • Throughput
  • Wrong Way
  • Zone Intrusion

Available separately:

  • People Counting
  • Vehicle Counting

Person detection feature is available for relevant applications.

intuVision analytics on Samsung PTZ cameras also provide the ability to gracefully wait during camera PTZ. That means that regardless of the camera motion, we can restart processing at the new camera location without generating false alarms.

intuVision camera applications detect and track moving objects in the camera view, such as vehicles or people. They are easily setup via a web user interface and generate alarms when particular event conditions occur; such as a person entering into the specified zone or a vehicle crossing the user-drawn line. All camera applications are suitable for outdoors and indoors camera views with light to medium foot or vehicle traffic.

When an alarm condition is detected the application sends a trigger to the camera software to generate events and various actions. Please refer to the Samsung camera user guide for more details about supported actions and configurations.

With the intuitive interface you adjust a few simple settings, such as minimum object size and top-down or side view. You can see the detections in real-time to ensure tracking is working effectively, and make further adjustments. Events and event snapshots can then be sent to the intuVision Event Manager for later review.

Add our edge analytics to your Samsung smart camera

Please contact to enhance your Samsung camera with effective and affordable event spies to protect your secure facilities.

We are currently compatible with all camera models within 5004, 6004, and 7004 series. Additional cameras are added to our compatibility list frequently. Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific camera. 

Purchase intuVision Edge Analytics

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Edge Analytics Events

Our wide listing of events on the edge are capable of helping you provide security, count customers, and manage your facilities, Events such as line crossing can even be used in factories to count items being manufactured, and more.


Video analytics activity detection in an area, on the edge.

Going beyond ordinary pixel-based motion detection Activity alarms only on people or vehicle movement. Bounding box overlays for objects provide visual feedback for detections. On select cameras built-in intuVision Person or Vehicle Classification can be used to eliminate false-alarms. Presence of objects can be detected in the entire scene or in user selected areas, indoors and outdoors, such as a store display, a warehouse loading zone, or a parking lot.

Crowd Density

Video analytics activity detection in an area, on the edge.

Alarms when people density in the scene exceeds the user set level. Users can adjust the density level threshold according to their camera view and the scenario based on the observed person behavior in the scene. Crowd density detection is used for detecting crowd levels at bus stops or train platforms or alerting when people are not following the social distancing guidelines.


Video analytics enter/exit detection and people counting in a shopping area, on the edge.

Bi-directional counting of people and vehicles, this analytic detects objects entering/exiting a scene from user marked regions. Ready for indoor and outdoor use, Enter/Exit counts visitors at a store or vehicles entering and exiting a parking area. For optimum count accuracy cameras with Artpec-6 and -7 chipsets are recommended. People and vehicle counts can be graphed directly in the app and the counts are stored for 90 days.

Left Object

Video analytics object taken detection, on the edge. Monitoring a TV, painting, or other valuable.

Alarms when someone leaves an object and moves a specified distance away from it. Left Object Detector can be used in airports, schools, shopping areas to detect suspicious bags or boxes left behind. Similarly, when an item is dropped from a moving vehicle illegal dumping can be detected in parking areas, around private dumpsters or on the roadsides.


Video analytics object taken detection, on the edge. Monitoring a TV, painting, or other valuable.

Loitering detector alarms when an object of interest waits around in a user marked area longer than a user-set duration. Loitering has applications ranging from security (to detect when people are casing a facility) to retail and business intelligence (such as to collect metrics on customers’ dwell time in select areas of a store). Loitering detections can be counted and graphed within intuVision in app graphing tool.

Object Taken

Video analytics object taken detection, on the edge. Monitoring a TV, painting, or other valuable.

Object Taken monitors user-marked objects and alarms when they are removed from their place. Ten fixed objects such as display items, art or paintings can be monitored at the same time. In addition to object taken alarm an optional secondary notification can be set to inform when the object is returned to its place. Detection accuracy is maintained through lighting changes and temporary blocking of monitored objects by people.

People Counter

Video analytics people counting, processing on the edge, event management on the edge.

Accurately counts pedestrians, customers or visitors with person classification and tracking optimized to work in ingress/egress areas such as doors or hallways. intuVision People Counter provides accurate counts in low to medium traffic areas. Count data is saved directly on-board the camera up to 90 days and it can be viewed, exported and graphed all within the app. Cameras with Artpec-6 and -7 chipsets are recommended.

Random Selector

Video analytics people counting, processing on the edge, event management on the edge.

The Random Selector chooses objects randomly, at a user specified percentage rate, providing an unbiased selection for inspections. While automatically counting vehicles approaching a vehicle gate or people passing through a checkpoint at an airport, random selector tags objects and generates a notification for the guards to stop-and-inspect. The random selection process does not affect the counts, person or vehicle counts are saved, graphed and reported accurately.

Speed Detection

Video analytics speeding object detection, vehicle speed, on the edge.

Alarms when vehicles or people exceed a user set speed threshold. Speeds can be measured in both mph or km/hr. This analytic can be used in collecting metrics for traffic flow such as average speed at a specific road or intersection or for detecting speed violations and apprehending drivers who exceed the speed limit approaching vehicle gates.


Video analytics wrong way or direction detection, on the edge.

Throughput is for monitoring foot or vehicle traffic going over a set of lines. Generally used to detect people and/or vehicles passing through an area or even counting them. The throughput direction can be specified to detect objects moving left-to-right, top-to-bottom, both-ways etc., as well as an object crossing the throughput lines fully or partially. If used for counting results can be reported based on direction.

Vehicle Counting

Video analytics directional vehicle counting, on the edge.

Counts vehicles, separately for each traffic lane, vehicle counter is optimized to work in medium or light traffic roadways or intersections as well as at the parking lot ingress/egress points. intuVision Edge Vehicle Counter stores count data directly on-board the camera for 90 days and functionality for viewing, graphing and exporting the count data is provided within the app. Cameras with Artpec-6 and -7 chipsets are recommended

Wrong Way

Video analytics zone intrusion, on the edge.

Alarms when objects moving in the user specified direction in the scene or in a region of interest zone. Fully customizable by drawing a direction arrow, an angular tolerance range around the selected direction and a duration moved in the direction of interest. Perfect for detecting vehicles moving in wrong direction in one-way roads, parking lots, and flexible enough for use with people at airport terminals or store aisles

Zone Intrusion

Video analytics zone intrusion, on the edge.

Alarms when objects enter into a user-drawn zone from outside of the zone. Intrusion detection is primarily used for security to detect people or vehicles entering into a protected area. In addition, zone intrusion can monitor vehicles getting off the road, or customers entering a specific part of the store to enhance customer service.

Event Manager for intuVision Edge Analytics

Manipulate event and alarm data from the edge - make the most of your edge analytics. intuVision edge analytics provide a great tool for low-cost video event detection, our Event Management tool lets you go further with the analytics from the edge devices.

Simply create an action rule on your camera and link that to an intuVision input trigger to view events, create compound events, and produce statistical charts and graphs based on event occurrences.

Edge event counts and events monitored in Event Manager application. All video analytics done on the edge.

Use the information from your edge analytics to gain valuable insights for your business:

  • Event Counting: generate event counts to determine customer visits, building occupancy, road travel, etc.
  • Event Search and Graphing: Gain a holistic view of customer visits, with event counts and graphs. Easily view a wide variety and export graphs of interest to share findings.
  • Compound Events: Increase alert reliability with compound events. Combine two similar events, multiple instances of the same event, or two disparate events into one alarm.
  • Floor-Map View: View event alarms within the context of your facility.

As this is the same review application that comes with intuVision VA, this will allow you to create simple and intuitive split deployments, with simple scenes protected by edge analytics, and more challenging scenes protected by server based processing, with intuVision VA. All events can seamlessly be reviewed in the same application, reducing complexity for your security team.

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