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intuBlog - Wastewatch Cam

Littering detected in the woods.


intuVision VA Security - Wastewatch Cam

Anna Vacha

Using intuVision analytics, our UK platinum partner Bi3 has worked with Kingdom Services Group Ltd & Kingdom Local Authority Support to create Wastewatch Cam an innovative solution to detect and enforce laws against fly-tipping (a.k.a. illegal dumping).

This innovative solution, often available at little or no cost to Local Authorities, has been deployed in several areas across the UK resulting in significant reductions in illegal dumping and environmental improvements to the local areas. Wastewatch Cam acts not only as an effective deterrent against this problem, but also helps lower the clean-up operation costs significantly by eliminating manual video monitoring for the common fly-tipping locations.

See BBC news video here:

Vehicle operators throwing trash is another serious problem for highways and exit ramps, and sifting through roadside camera videos to find them is a tedious task. Our customers are turning to intuVision VA to detect roadside littering - both to ticket offenders and to arrange trash pick-up. Below you can see the analytics in action for this style of vehicle detection.

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