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intuBlog - How-To Videos: intuVision People Counting


intuVision People Counting How-To Video

Anna Vacha

Check out the next in our series of intuVision VA "how to?" videos, explaining common analytics tasks performed with intuVision VA. These videos focus on a common intuVision Retail application - People Counting. Videos were split into two portions - event selection, configuration, and review - and detection and tracking optimization.

Event Configuration

While intuVision Retail includes many different types of rules and detections, from queue management, object taken, and employee tracking - the most common application for this module is people counting.

In this video, we go through event selection and configuration for two different people counting environments -

  1. an indoor gym, counting guests as they enter through the front door to then compare against the swipe in data.
  2. and an outdoor shopping plaza, counting people as they enter the location.

Each of these videos requires different tools for the setup, and we move through event selection, scene sonstraints, and then event configuration.

We then go through reporting options in the intuVision Review Application for the two scenes. Bar and pie charts for the first scene, and a line graph comparison for two different time periods for the second. Finally, we cover the export options to see this data within your other applications.


This second video goes through the detection and tracking configuration for the two camera views. Mentioning common challenges for outdoor and indoor scenes, and solutions for obtaining good results.

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