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intuNews Issue 70


intuBlog Series - intuVision® VA Admin & Review Applications

Join us on the intuBlog as we move through the user facing components of intuVision VA: the Admin and Review Applications. We present a rundown of intuVision UI and UX features, showing how they can work for you.

intuVision® VA

User Facing Components


intuVision VA combines functionality and accuracy with wide ranging tools to let you make the most of your video analytics.

intuVision Admin

Add video streams to be analyzed, configure events and alarms, with advanced features such as training classification models, sending output triggers, and managing user privileges.

intuVision Review

Review video and analysis results, see live events, and generate reports and heatmaps, even audit user activity within the system.

intuVision Admin for system set up and intuVison Review for event review and data analysis.

Here is a summary of the Review Application functionality, please check-out the intuBlog regularly for more information.

Live Video

Watch live video with processing markups such as object bounding boxes, event zones, see up-to-date counts and flashing red frame indicating unreviewed alarm events on that camera. Choose from different camera layouts, view up to 48 cameras on one screen. Optionally, pause video analytics processing for a preset duration or add privacy masks to the camera view while the processing continues.

Live Video View in the intuVision Review App

Events View

Access and review events detected by intuVision VA. You will see the list of events, when one is selected, you can see the event snapshot images and event details, along with the current live video from that camera. Events can be acknowledged, flagged, event descriptions can be added or deleted. Optionally, events and event snapshots can be exported and shared.

Events View in the intuVision Review App

Search Events View

Events can be searched with camera name, event type, and time period or specific criteria such as object classification type, keywords in event description and set schedules. The retrieved events can be reviewed, with the event snapshot and event details available. Events can be exported as .pdf a CSV for further analysis in 3rd party dashboard applications.

Search Events View in the intuVision Review App

Archive Video View

intuVision VA can archive video and also can ingest archived video from one of our integrated VMSs with searching for the video duration of interest, and viewing an "events only" summary. Bounding boxes for all objects are overlain in the recorded video - giving a powerful tool for analysis and ensuring ideal optimization.

Archive Video View in the intuVision Review App

Reports View

Events can be reported in various chart formats such as line and bar graphs and pie charts ready to export and share with others. For retail or traffic domains, use the comparison graph feature to compare events from different time periods.

Reports View in the intuVision Review App

Tracks View

Search objects by camera name, time period or specific criteria such as object color and classification type. Retrieved objects are presented in s list with thumbnail images for the user to select and inspect. When an object is selected, the path it took through the scene is displayed and the video associated with that object can be reviewed.

Tracks View in the intuVision Review App

Heatmap View

Motion and dwell heatmaps summarize vehicle or pedestrian traffic patterns over selected time periods. For example, heatmaps highlight traffic bottlenecks, show popular walking paths in parks, reveal which sale items attract the shoppers' attention, and which paths are most commonly taken through the store.

Heatmap View in the intuVision Review App

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